Holly Hagan’s Wedding Was Postponed Twice Due To Covid

Holly Hagan is finally ready to marry her fiancé, Jacob Blyth, after twice delaying their wedding. On April 21, 2022, the Geordie Shore actress announced her engagement on Instagram by uploading a mirror selfie. She wrote, “Final wedding preparations on the most gorgeous island.” “I still can’t believe it’s happening.”

A few hours later, Hagan posted a brief video in which she showed off different dresses she planned to wear the day following her wedding. She solicited feedback from her followers on which dress they preferred. “Please assist me in selecting my first clothing as a bride.” “Which one should I choose for a mellow beach club feel the day following our wedding?”  Despite revealing that her wedding would take place on a “beautiful island,” Hagan has not divulged the specific location.


Holly Hagan’s wedding was delayed twice.

This is not the first time Hagan has announced her engagement. In reality, after announcing their engagement in July 2019, Hagan and her partner had already chosen a date for their wedding on two occasions. Hagan and her partner had planned to marry in Ibiza in May 2021 for the first time. However, because to travel restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 epidemic, they were forced to abandon their plans.

Holly Hagan

The regulations made it impracticable to be married around the period since guests would have to quarantine for 10 days after returning to the UK after the ceremony. Following the termination of their original marriage arrangements, the couple rescheduled their wedding for June 2021 in Portugal. Unfortunately, for the same reasons stated before, their second plan did not come to fruition as well.

Just 45 minutes before their wedding, Hagan rushed to Instagram to announce the news to her fans. There, she and Blyth could be seen discussing the ceremony, which never happened.

The wedding cancellation came as a relief.

In July 2021, Hagan said that she was glad when the couple’s wedding plans fell through. Hagan, who was supposed to share her wedding planning adventure with her followers in a new series named Geordie OGs, discussed it at the series’ virtual premiere. “To be honest, I got pretty frustrated at a lot of moments simply because I felt like I was being told how I should feel a lot of the time,” she added.

Holly Hagan

“[Producers] said, ‘Tell us how furious and outraged you are.’” ‘Well, I’m not, I’m really relieved,’ I said. “As soon as the flights were canceled, I thought to myself, ‘Thank God, at least now we don’t have to tell them they have to try and rearrange their flights and they may not get their money back or anything.’”

Hagan subsequently revealed that she and her partner had decided not to have their wedding covered by a magazine. She said that it was the most significant day of their life and that all she wanted to do was enjoy it.

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