Hennessy Carolina- Cardi B’s Sister Is The Center Of Attention As Her Siblings Win a Slander Case

Cardi B and her sister Hennessy Carolina just won a defamation case against the latter, who was accused of making derogatory statements in September 2020 in The Hamptons.

Three beachgoers, one of whom was wearing a MAGA hat, sued the rapper and her sister for slander, assault, and violence. Carolina is accused of blocking one of their vehicles and referring to them as “racist, MAGA fans.”

According to a complaint filed in Suffolk County, the three beachgoers believed the term “racist” to be defamatory. Despite the fact that Cardi B was not present at the time of the confrontation, she proceeded to Twitter to publish a video of it. According to the WAP singer, her sister and her group were singled out because they were Afro-Hispanic and lesbian.

The three beachgoers also alleged that Carolina, 26, spit on one of them while taunting them, in addition to being charged with defamation. A New York trial judge has now rejected the complaint, claiming that Hennessy Carolina’s remarks were too broad and did not amount to slander.

 Hennessy Carolina
Hennessy Carolina

Hennessy Carolina- Know About Cardi B’s Sister

Her younger sister is well-known to fans of the 29-year-old musician. Carolina Henessy has shared the stage with her renowned sister on a number of high-profile occasions, including the Grammy Awards.

She has, however, been in the public spotlight for a considerably longer period of time. On Love & Hip Hop: New York, she was seen with her sister. She did, however, leave the show after only three episodes to pursue a career as a fashion designer.

Carolina also appeared in the third season of The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, a game show that earned money for charity prior to going on the popular reality program. She has claimed the position of becoming a star in her own right since appearing on television. She presently has 7.3 million Instagram followers and many commercial collaborations, including one with the prominent fashion label Fashion Nova.

Hennessy Carolina appeared in a SwiftOnDiamond music video in September 2016. On Instagram, the influencer is always posting photographs of her ensembles and selfies. Her worldwide adventures have also been documented in her saved Instagram story highlights.

Carolina has an unbreakable link with her sister. The former has been open about her relationship with her sister, claiming that the I Like It singer was more of a mother figure to her than her sister in the past. Hennessy is also responsible for the famed singer’s moniker. The sisters were constantly together, according to Cheat Sheet. Cardi B (actual name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar Cephus) was given the nickname Bacardi by family and friends, which became Cardi B.

Hennessy, on the other hand, Carolina isn’t the only sibling of the Press rapper. Despite the lack of information on each of them, Cardi B has previously stated that she has six additional siblings in addition to Carolina.

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