GOT7’s Jackson Wang Opens Up About Depression In His Latest Album MAGICMAN

Jackson Wang, GOT7’s rapper, and soloist addressed his current album, MAGICMAN, and being his most authentic self. The 28-year-old showed a peek of his life backstage in Vogue’s behind-the-scenes footage of the artist’s Head in the Clouds Festival. The multi-talented artist has discussed his challenges as a K-pop star. This time, he said that his recent release, MAGICMAN, is the most “raw” he has ever been in his life and that it is the only record with which he is happy. Jackson Wang revealed while preparing for the program,

“No matter what I accomplish, I’ve never been pleased with myself.” And I believe this album (MAGICMAN) is the first time I think it’s acceptable. “I’ve never felt so raw in my life.”

Blue’s music video was released with MAGICMAN on September 9. While Wang’s music videos have always been acknowledged as creative outbursts, his latest album puts his creative talent to the forefront once again.

Jackson Wang of GOT7 talks about his sadness and how people are supporting “the real Jackson” with his album.

While it may seem that everything is perfect today, Jackson Wang said in a Vogue behind-the-scenes interview that he was “lost” and “depressed” after the daily repetitive grind of being an idol.

“I’d been in this field for 8-9 years and had become disoriented and stuck in a rut. It’s simply things after things, schedules after schedules, you know. “I was quite sad.”

Jackson Wang

GOT7’s choice to depart JYP Entertainment and pursue individual endeavors (while remaining active as a group) provided him with a new start. He said that he desired to be his true self. When asked about the procedure, he said,

“I simply thought, ‘You know what? Whoever I was, whatever I was, I simply want to put it all behind me and start again. And I want to be myself for a second.’ A 100% me. Being honest with my audience and just letting them know who I am.”

While he recognizes the difficult life of an artist, Jackson Wang said that there will always be fans and detractors, but he believes that everyone who supports him on his musical journey is supporting the “true Jackson.”

“You know, I may not be flawless. Not everyone will like me. But, at the very least, if you like me and support me, you are supporting the genuine Jackson.”

Jackson Wang

He expressed similar sentiments in an Instagram post announcing the album’s release, as well as in an emotional message to fans and his TEAM WANG team, outlining his journey and thanking them for their support. For years, Wang has held the positions of CEO, rapper, singer, composer, designer, producer, and director. He made his K-pop debut with GOT7 in 2014 and founded his own organization, TEAM WANG, in 2017. Jackson Wang fans who keep up with his schedule are aware of how busy the musician is at all times. He recently signed posters for his followers and participated in live streaming on different platforms while working.

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