GOT7’s BamBam And Mark Tuan Spoke About The Disbanded Rumors

GOT7, the K-pop trio who made history by reclaiming all of their copyright trademarks from their agency, has graced the cover of W Korea magazine. Thai rapper BamBam and American rapper Mark Tuan responded angrily to those who thought the trio had dissolved in the pictured interview. BamBam and Mark Tuan spoke specifically about the pointless chats they and Ahgases had to endure. The Thai rapper urged people not to “pretend” to be “wise” or to pass judgment on them. Meanwhile, Mark said that their forthcoming self-titled EP was their method of demonstrating to people that they are still together and would continue to be a group via action.

BamBam and Mark Tuan of GOT7 respond angrily to those discussing their disbandment.

Since leaving JYP Entertainment in January, GOT7 members have been busy (and successful) with their own endeavors. Throughout several interviews, all of the members assured fans that they had not dissolved. A group return after leaving an agency, on the other hand, is not something the K-pop business is used to. Disbanding or splitting from the group was often mentioned.

BamBam and Mark Tuan addressed the claims directly in an interview with W Korea, giving them a scathing response and reminding them that the whole group was here to stay. According to fan translations on Twitter, the Thai rapper said people doubted their capacity to get back together. BamBam, being his usual vicious self, exclaimed,

“I have nothing to conceal. That is why, to those who say, ‘GOT7 stated they didn’t dissolve; practically, can they reassemble as seven?’ I want to warn them, “Don’t judge us arbitrarily and act as if you’re wise.”

Mark Tuan

He noted that the members still welcome individuals with the group’s name in the prefix, as they have for the last decade.

“Are you aware of that?” We usually shout GOT7 before our names when we go someplace and welcome people. ‘I am GOT7 BamBam, as you can see.’”

Furthermore, the Thai rapper addressed the group’s three international members: himself, Mark Tuan, and Jackson Wang. While many worried how the group would continue with members switching back and forth, BamBam had an appropriate response.

“What does GOT7 having three foreign members have to do with our activities?” Even if we return to our village, we can just come to Korea and unite like this.”

Meanwhile, the One in a Million singer expressed similar sentiments. Rather than constantly informing people they hadn’t broken up, the group quietly planned a return and an OT7 fanmeet appropriately dubbed Homecoming with IGOT7.


He said,

“If we merely say, ‘GOT7 is not disbanded,’ people may not know what we’re talking about. So, with this return, we want to show everyone.”

When a K-pop group disbands, the members usually do not have the right to use the name, song, or anything else without permission since the trademark belongs to the entertainment company. The Last Piece group, on the other hand, has flipped the script. They’ve showed the industry that it’s feasible to take over the rights to a group with whom they’ve been working for years, serving as an inspiration for future K-pop groups. The trademark rights were transferred in the names of all seven members. This allows them to perform their complete catalog, continue to use the group’s name, manufacture and sell products, and do a variety of other things without hindrance from their prior agency.

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