Goonew A DMV Rapper Was Reportedly Shot And Murdered At Walter’s Lane

On Friday, March 18, DMV rapper Goonew was allegedly shot and died. After getting shot at Walter’s Lane in District Heights, Maryland, the hip-hop musician was taken to the hospital. The deadly shooting is still being investigated by law authorities. Fans of the artist expressed their disbelief on social media. Big Wizzle, Goon Rich, Goonwick, and Big 64 were some of the rapper’s other monikers. He was inactive on social media, with just two postings on his Instagram account. Despite this, he had over 152k followers at the time of writing this article. His most recent post was just two days ago.

In 2017, the artist started releasing songs, and his first album, Big 64, was published in 2018. Big 64.2 has been Goonew’s most ambitious project to date. His opening single, Existence Story, provided a candid peek into his life, and his music often chronicled real-life occurrences. The artist has numerous hit songs that were popular with fans, including No Diss, Stain, Touchdown, and Down Bad.


The Maryland native was most recognized for his unorthodox dark music, which was thought to represent the “new wave” of rap at the time. Many people loved the rapper’s collaboration with Lil Dude. Among his collaborations were a few well-known appearances in Young Dezana’s Fox 5 Gang. Goonew also made an appearance in the song Homicide Boat.

Fans pay respect to Goonew in the aftermath of his untimely passing.

Though he had not yet achieved the height of success in the music business, the rapper was a rising star. Throughout his career, the singer had amassed a large following. Several admirers paid respect to the late artist on social media.


In the last several years, an incredible number of rappers have been assassinated. VNZA, an artist, was killed in Missouri in June 2021. Supa Gates, a Brooklyn resident, was shot many times in April at St. John’s Place in Crown Heights. Mike Darole, a Bay Area musician, was fatally shot during an attempted robbery in May of the same year. KTS Dre, a Chicago rapper, was shot 64 times in the head and other portions of his body in July. Fans and family members of the artists are still in mourning after their untimely deaths.

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