Gina Johnson- All About The Mother Of Damian Lillard

Gina Johnson is the proud mother of Damian Lillard, a six-time NBA all-star. Damian has been a member of the Portland Trail Blazers since being picked sixth overall in 2012. Gina said that she had a plan for her children to attend college, but she also realized she couldn’t afford it. She understood that if they excelled in athletics, they would be able to earn full scholarships and complete their degrees. As a mother, she made certain that her children participated in athletics and enrolled them in sports. She took odd jobs to make money for them since they had no sponsors in their early years.

Quick facts

Full Name Gina Johnson
First Name Gina
Last Name Johnson
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation straight
Horoscope Scorpio
Marital Status Single
Spouse Houston Lillard
No Of Children 3
Date of Birth November 12,1966
Age 55 years

Marriage life

Gina divorced her husband, Houston Lillard, a long time ago. But their marriage was doomed to fail. They chose to split up when Damian was still in high school. Damian found it easy to deal with his parent’s divorce since they got along.

Even after her divorce, she maintains a cordial connection with her ex-husband.

They remained friendly even after their divorce because they didn’t want their children to suffer as a result of their divorce. They were both from the same city. Damian lived with his father but was always with her. Gina said that her ex-husband had a significant impact on Damian’s NBA career. He trained his kid to stand up and be a man, she claims. He made certain that they always did the right thing. He was accessible to his children and attended every game. Damian claims that his father would never abandon him and would take care of him, his cousins, and everyone in the family. He has never changed and is constantly taking care of his family.

Damian Lillard

Mother of three children

Gina has three children: two boys, Houston and Damian, and a daughter, Lanae Lillard. In Oakland, California, she raised her three children. Houston, her eldest son, is also an athlete. He obtained a football scholarship at Southeast Missouri State after playing junior college football. He presently serves as the head football coach at Jefferson High School in Portland. Lanae, her daughter, played basketball in high school. She went to Lakeridge High School and played forward.

Mamma’s child

Damian, according to Gina, is a daddy’s boy. She was working as a coordination and benefits consultant for medical insurance in Oakland until Damian relocated her and her daughter Lanae into his six-bedroom mansion near Lake Oswego. Damian has only been living on his own for a few years. He has been living with his mum since 2012. Until her nephew began working for him, she performed every domestic job, from preparing his breakfast, lunch, and dinner to washing his clothing. Damian’s present residence is barely five minutes away from hers. Gina has a special affinity with her grandchildren.

Damian Lillard



Net Worth

Gina’s net worth has not been reported. We now know the net worth of her illustrious son Damian. Damian is a superb musician in addition to his outstanding athletic achievements. He has several endorsements. Adidas signed him to a shoe contract. He has his own Addidas shoe called Addidas Dame. Damian, according to insiders, plans to buy a Toyota dealership in McMinnville, Oregon, in 2020. He accumulated a wealth of $100 million at the age of 32.

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