Gena Tew A Instagram Model Is Diagnosed With HIV

Instagram model Gena Tew, who announced a few days ago her HIV diagnosis and battle, recently posted an update to all of her fans. The model claimed to a tabloid that she had gone entirely blind in one eye due to bad eye surgery. In August 2021, Gena had surgery in Memphis, Tennessee, to restore her lost eyesight. At the time, her restored eyesight lasted just five days before her eye disease relapsed. The model claimed to TMZ that the unsuccessful procedure blinded her eye, and all she can see is pure blackness.

At the same time, she recounted how all of the medications provided by physicians made her unwell. In addition, the model disclosed that physicians are considering yet another procedure. Gena Tew, on the other hand, claimed she hasn’t made up her decision yet.

Gena Tew’s general health has improved.

While it has been a few months since Gena Tew revealed that she had HIV, the update is now reassuring, with physicians claiming that there has been a significant improvement in several areas. Gena can now walk with the assistance of a walker. The woman has gained weight as well. She used to weigh 90 pounds and is now 105 pounds. At the same time, after being diagnosed, Gena Tew began fundraising herself via GoFundMe, as she wanted to gather some money to be closer to her family.

Gena Tew

Staying close to her family, according to Gena, would hasten her rehabilitation. As of this writing, the model has collected around $16,570 from 518 contributors on GoFundMe.

Gena noted on the website when sharing her sister’s story:

“My name is Gena Tew, and I’m battling AIDS. On June 8th, I lost my only sister to a rare lung condition called Fibrosing Mediastinitis.” She left behind a spouse and three young children. She had just been 29 years old… We are currently raising funds to relocate to where they are in order to be there for them. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.”

On October 23, 2022, Gena Tew issued an update, noting that she was able to purchase a new home with the money contributed and also cover her medical expenditures.

Gena Tew

When did Gena Tew announce that she had AIDS? Age and other aspects of the Instagram model are investigated.

Gena Tew stated that she had been diagnosed with HIV in August 2022. She made the announcement in a TikTok video in which she discussed her illness and how she was on the point of death before her doctors discovered out what was wrong with her. She also said that she had no clue who had infected her, but that the medical specialist who diagnosed her disclosed that she had been infected for 8-10 years. Given that the model is now 27 years old, she must have been approximately 17 or 18 years old when she caught the virus. Gena explained how she may have caught AIDS in the following ways:

“I’ve gotten a few free tattoos, so it may have been a filthy needle.” Do I recognize any of those people? No. Did I say anything when those events occurred? No. Because I was inexperienced, ignorant, and young.”

Furthermore, she said in the video that she informed all of her romantic partners about her illness so that they might have themselves examined as well. However, none of Gena’s partners have tested positive thus yet.

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