Gabrielle Glaister Will Be Portrayed As Bernie Winter’s Doppelgänger In “Coronation Street”

Gabrielle Glaister is ready to return to Coronation Street after two decades away, according to ITV. This time, the Brookside and Blackadder actress will portray the doppelgänger of Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove). Corrie actress Jane Hazlegrove allegedly suggested casting her as a doppelgänger since she is often confused for Glaister on the streets. According to Metro, Hazlegrove pitched the plot to writer Jonathan Harvey, who subsequently expanded it. Fern, played by Gabrielle Glaister, will be recognized for her shady pranks and unusual fashion sense.

What role did Gabrielle Glaister previously play on Coronation Street?

Gabrielle Glaister previously appeared in Coronation Street from February 6 to November 10, 2000. She portrayed Debs Brownlow, who went away with Natalie Horrocks’ (Denise Welch) boyfriend Vinny Sorrell (Ian Kelsey) after breaking up with Duggie Ferguson (John Bowe). In the episode, Debs Brownlow played Natalie Horrocks’ beautician sister. She stayed with her for nine months and worked in Audrey’s salon as a hairdresser. Gabrielle Glaister was happy to be a member of the ensemble and work with Denise Welch, a.k.a. her sister Natalie, when she was given the role of Debs at the time. She stated:

“I am a tremendous Coronation Street fan, and I am pleased to be working with Denise.” I’m just hoping it doesn’t ruin my viewing experience since I’ll know what’s going to happen.”

Gabrielle Glaister

This time, however, she will not repeat her role as Debs, but will instead play a totally other character known as Fern. While discussing a prospective narrative that would have been ideal for Jane and Gabrielle, the former said that it was the resemblance in their looks that prompted her to consider reintroducing Gabrielle Glaister to the ensemble. She said, according to Entertainment Daily:

“People often mistake Gabby and me for one other, stating they saw one of us in something when it was the other… We’ve frequently joked about it, but I thought it may be amusing to have her on the program as Bernie’s hidden twin or doppelganger.”

Gabrielle expressed her joy further by mentioning how other performers in the profession sometimes mistake her with Jane. She mentioned:

“For years and years, Jane and I have been mistaken for one other. Jane insisted on being in Brookside whereas I insisted on being in Casualty! Or people applauding me on a performance I didn’t have because Jane was fantastic.”

More information about Gabrielle Glaister’s return as an actress

Gabrielle may be seen wearing a vibrant tie-dye shirt with a pink jacket in one of the photographs, and a bright blue jacket with a gray t-shirt in another. According to The Daily Mail, Gabrielle was seen lugging a big black backpack while wearing blue medical gloves in one of the photos!

Gabrielle Glaister

Spoiler alert: in the new episode, Bernie is accused of stealing from Fern, after which the two entertain the audience with their excellent acting abilities. Gabrielle also said that she is “having a great time” working with her long-time colleague and friend Jane.

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