Gabriela Barragan State That She Wants To Resign From Below Deck Sailing Yacht

On Monday, Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Episode 8 aired, which featured Parsifal III crew members arguing with one another. Gabriela Barragan, who often clashes with Ashley Marti, had a disagreement with chef Marcos Spaziani. When Daisy Kelliher inquired about the charter passengers’ lunches in the previous episode, the latter put Barragan under the bus. The chef claimed Barragan did not notify him, although she did. Spaziani has now given Barragan the cold shoulder, resulting in the second stew being very intoxicated. As a consequence, she caused a lot of drama, which irritated her supervisor, Kelliher.

Will Gabriela Barragan resign from her job?

Gabriela Barragan has always had problems with Ashley Marti, who has been perceived to be envious of the former from the start. They’ve always had a professional rivalry, but things have taken a personal turn once Barragan began dating Gary King. Marti was seen trash-talking Barragan in the newest episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht after the latter got on King’s bed while inebriated. This made Marti envious, and she subsequently said a number of things that irritated Kelliher.

Gabriela Barragan

By becoming engaged in their feuds, Kelliher has always sought to keep her team members together and minimize controversy. She’d had enough of Barragan and Marti’s drama and was dissatisfied with her squad this time. Barragan went to the chief stew the following day to apologize for her actions. Kelliher was irritated and claimed to be disappointed with Barragan’s drinking and gaffes.

Barragan was irritated by the comments and confided in Ashley Marti. While viewers were surprised to see Barragan share her emotions with Marti, the latter consoled her and pledged not to reveal the truth. During the talk, Barragan said that she was ashamed over the previous night and wanted to win Kelliher’s respect. The second stew broke down and expressed her want to leave. Marti was then seen comforting Barragan and informing her that she was depressed due to her stress. Although Barragan felt better after speaking with Marti, it is unclear if she chose to remain or leave Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

What occurred in Episode 8 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

The most recent episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 had a few crew member spats, meltdowns, and intoxicated situations. Daisy Kelliher and Gary King got into a dispute at the opening of the show, and the latter accused Kelliher for not managing her staff effectively. He was irritated that a deckhand had to perform a stew’s job. However, as King and Captain Shephard were attempting to cope with new fenders on the boat, Kelliher and the whole crew arrived to assist. Meanwhile, when everyone was returning to the boat after supper, King was spotted kissing Ashley Marti. Marti became envious when she saw a drunk Gabriela Barragan climbing on King’s bed.

Gabriela Barragan

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Episode 8’s official summary is as follows:

“After their argument concerning their departments, Gary and Daisy’s quarrel grows even more.” It takes the whole crew to handle a disorderly docking due to the enormous new fenders and being a man down. Ashley is in both bodily and mental suffering as a result of seeing Gabriela and Gary in bed together, but she isn’t the only one who is fed up with the second stew.”

It went on to say:

“After a stressful meal, Gabriela’s relationships with her other crew members spin out of control, leaving her wondering whether she can finish the season.” With a new charter comes new challenges, such as when a fatigued Gary gets hurt while attempting to perform all external responsibilities without the assistance of a second deckhand.”

Previously, Captain Shephard dismissed Tom Pearson, therefore a new deckhand will shortly join the crew in subsequent episodes.

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