G Herbo Got Shot While He Was Performing At Clark University Atlanta

G Herbo was allegedly shot while performing at Clark University in Atlanta. The rapper appeared as a guest at the college’s homecoming. Gunshots may be heard in the viral footage of the event. At the moment, G Herbo was playing on stage. Students can be heard fleeing as the individual capturing the video drops the phone following the fire. Someone said aloud that they should sit down. So yet, no injuries have been recorded, and further information is needed.

Gunshots disrupted G Herbo’s concert at Clark University.

Bullets were allegedly shot at G Herbo when he was performing one of his songs at Clark University. The viral video depicts the turmoil that ensued as a result of the event. There has been no additional word about Herbo’s safety. However, based on the absence of complaints, it seems that no audience members were wounded. The perpetrator has yet to be recognized. On the occasion of Clark University’s homecoming, Herbo was asked to perform at a hip-hop event. Alums generally return to the campus for the occasion and use it to catch up with old friends. They also advise current students and contribute financially to the institution.

G Herbo

G Herbo recently discussed mental health.

While promoting his new mental health project, Survivor’s Remorse, the rapper told TMZ that everyone is responsible for their own well-being and should seek therapy when necessary.

He also said that he understands how his vulnerability might benefit his supporters who are going through a similar experience. Having gone to counseling in the past when he was depressed and drank frequently, he understands the need of talking about mental health. Welcome to Fazoland, Ballin Like I’m Kobe, Strictly 4 My Fans, and other mixtapes have made him a household name. In 2017, he released his first album, Humble Beast. His most recent album, 25 was released in 2021.

G Herbo

Clark University’s homecoming festivities

President George T. French noted after the event’s announcement that they were delighted to return to a full-on-ground homecoming experience following the epidemic. He also added:

“Homecoming is about alumni returning to their alma mater to have fun, establish lasting connections, encourage current students, and give back to the institution.” During an exciting week of fantastic events, we look forward to honoring our history, students, and alumni.”

CAU Homecoming Kick-Off HBCU Gamer Fest and Powder Puff Game, Puma Experience, Homecoming Comedy Show, International Expo, and other events were held.

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