Funny Mike’s Arrest: What Did He Do? Youtuber Charges

Everyone has been asking questions about Mike’s arrest, and here’s what you should know. MacArthur Johnson, better known as Funny Mike, is a well-known YouTuber, comedian, and rapper. His channels include a variety of humorous stuff, such as pranks and challenges.

He’s been on YouTube since May 2, 2016, and he’s gone a long way since then. Funny Mike has amassed over 8.59 million followers on his YouTube account as a result of his videos. In 2019, Mike made many appearances on the popular sketch comedy series Wild’ N Out. Furthermore, Mike often causes controversy for a variety of reasons, and right now, everyone is wondering about his arrest.

Funny Mike has been arrested and charged with murder.

Everyone is interested in finding out whether YouTuber Funny Mike got arrested. He was caught and charged with murder in 2016, according to the press. On May 3, 2016, Mike and two others were outside a grocery in Baker, Louisiana, when they came across a guy called Richard Phillips, who was handing out Party flyers in the parking lot. It’s unclear what they were talking about, but the incident culminated with Mike apparently shooting Phillips in the chest. Phillips was subsequently claimed to have died as a result of his injuries.

Funny Mike

As a result, Mike and the other two occupants in the vehicle were detained later that day. He was then charged with second-degree murder, obstructing justice, and unlawful use of a firearm. According to reports, Mike acknowledged shooting the man in self-defense.

Is YouTuber Funny Mike In Prison?

Funny Mike is not currently in prison, but the matter came from his previous case, in which he was accused of murder. As we all know, he shot and killed a guy. Later, he acknowledged firing in self-defense.

Mike’s testimony, however, did not match the camera evidence that Police possessed. His bail has been set at $370,000. Mike was then claimed to be out on bail, and no more information has been disclosed after his release. So, everyone has been inquiring about this issue, and it now seems that the Mike being held story is from 2016, and the case appears to have been abandoned.

What happened to Funny Mike And where is he now?

Funny Mike is presently busy with his life, and he publishes often on his Instagram feed, which can be found at @funnymike. He’s also known as Young 22 and 22 Savage. Mike was previously known mostly for these identities, and he was also arrested in a murder-related case at the time.

Funny Mike

Mike’s mugshot was reportedly published as well, however, it can’t be accessed since the Police Department has already removed it. Mike said he shot the victim in self-defense. According to the article, they were planning to claim that Phillips was armed, but one of the vehicle’s other occupants subsequently denied the story when police proved that surveillance video did not show him with a weapon. The whole lawsuit seems to have been abandoned.

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