Froy Gutierrez’s Fans Had Always Suspected Him Of Being Homosexual

Some of Froy Gutierrez’s Snapchat and Twitter admirers had long theorized that he was homosexual, but there weren’t enough serious pieces of proof to make anything stick. However, in September 2020, the Dailymail reported that the Teen Wolf star was in London with Scottish actor Richard Madden. Madden is known to have previously shared a residence with 13 Reasons Why’s Brandon Flynn, who has been open about his sexual orientation.

Gutierrez and Madden Were Seen in London Together

Guitierrez was in London with his actor buddy and Game of Thrones star Madden, according to a September story in the Dailymail. The post included photos of the couple going down the street with a hefty black garbage bag in hand. The former King of the North from the fantasy drama Game of Thrones looked as gorgeous as ever in all black. He was dressed in a dark denim jacket, black pants, and a matching shirt. The black mask on his face not only kept him safe during the coronavirus epidemic but also helped him maintain a low profile.

Froy Gutierrez

Gutierrez, 23, was equally intriguing. Unlike his elegant companion, he was dressed more casually, wearing what seemed to be a yellow jersey shirt with faded pants. The pair were subsequently seen driving away in a vehicle, with Madden behind the wheel.

Gutierrez and Madden Spent Lockdown in LA Isolation Together

These photos were released barely months after the news of Gutierrez and Madden spending the evening together in Los Angeles made headlines in May. According to Simon Boyle of The Sun, the Bodyguard actor spent the lockdown in isolation at Emilia Clarke’s opulent two-bed house in Los Angeles. According to the insider, Madden traveled back to Los Angeles a few weeks before the lockdown began, after shooting the next Marvel picture, Eternals, in London. During his confinement, the 33-year-old superstar is said to have relocated his companion Gutierrez into the magnificent house to keep him company.

They went on a picnic as a group.

Gutierrez and Madden were sighted together again on April 11, 2021, headed for a picnic at Hampstead Heath in London after previously being seen together. The two were seen going through the charming hamlet while holding Marks & Spencer’s goods. Gutierrez dressed down in a forest green pullover, black trousers, and walking boots, while Madden dressed down in a grey jumper, padded jacket, slim jeans, and black boots. All of these factors point to the fact that the two actors have been dating for quite some time. But nothing is guaranteed until they decide to reveal the truth.

Froy Gutierrez

Is Froy Gutierrez gay?

While the fact that they spent the lockdown together is not enough to pass judgment on their orientation, the notion that Madden and Gutierrez may be enjoying a hidden love relationship certainly raises eyebrows. Even Gutierrez’s admirers are interested in his connection with Madden. In one of his tweets from the BLM rally in Santa Monica, one admirer went out of her way to write, “Are you dating [Richard Madden]…#LoveWins?”

Madden formerly lived with Brandon Flynn.

Madden lived with Flynn at their Los Angeles house before isolating himself with Gutierrez in the very pricey luxury residence. They moved in together after Madden ended his relationship with his actress fiancée, Ellie Bamber, in early 2019.

Rumors about Madden’s homosexuality spread, and media outlets started interrogating him directly. When approached to clarify the air, the Eternals actor preferred to keep his personal life private.
I just keep my personal life private. I’ve never discussed my romantic relationships.
Richard’s comments may or may not have confirmed the suspicions, but it certainly did nothing to quell them.

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