Fred the Elephant Boy Passed Away At The Age Of 64

Fred the Elephant Boy, a well-known performer, died lately as a result of problems from blood clots. He was 64 years old when he died. JG Faherty, an author, shared his sorrow on Facebook and stated he met Fred on Twitter. He added that the death was a horror fiction lover and an admirer of Faherty’s writings. The message went on to say:

“Many people are unaware that he had a terrific sense of humor (he often tweeted stupid jokes) and was an ardent reader, in addition to being a generally pleasant man. When I held a contest to name a character in my novel Ragman, Fred generously gave the money he couldn’t afford to the Hudson Valley Human Society.”

Faherty noted that Fred asked for a major position in the novel, so he made him a policeman assisting with a murder investigation. He went on to say that his most recent contact with the actor was before Thanksgiving when he told him that his contributor copy was on its way.

The author concluded his tribute post with:

“I’m not sure whether he ever had the opportunity since he ended up in the hospital a few days later. I’m hoping he did.”

Fred the Elephant Boy

Following Fred the Elephant Boy’s death, Twitter users pay homage to him.

Fred the Elephant Boy rose to prominence in recent years as a result of his appearance on The Howard Stern Show. When word of his tragic death spread, Twitter was inundated with condolences. Take a look at some of these tweets:

For a long period, Fred the Elephant Boy appeared on The Howard Stern Show.

On The Howard Stern Show, he was a member of the Wack Pack. The name of the group relates to characters who have appeared often on the program. The members of this group were either racist, mentally handicapped, or had the finest sense of humor. Bigfoot, Daniel Carver, Debbie the Pet Lady, Irish John, Joey Boots, Junior the Father, and others are among the members.

Howard Stern, the show’s host, said Fred was one of his favorites and that they first met in 1988. The late actor was chosen for the former’s program after he wowed him with his unique speech. reports:

“When we met him, he was a 30-year-old virgin, and we assisted him in being laid for the first time… I think the play was a fantastic addition to this guy’s life.”

Fred the Elephant Boy

When Howard got the Billboard Top Broadcaster Award in 1994, Fred accepted it on his behalf. Howard said at a Cleveland event that he picked Fred because he was an expert in public speaking. Fred the Elephant Boy was also invited to a summer conference, where he asked Congress to amend a regulation that requires ALS sufferers to begin receiving Social Security disability payments after just five months.

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