Frankie Grande Exchanged Vows With His Fiancé Hale Leon

Frankie Grande just married his fiancée Hale Leon. They married in a tiny Star Wars-themed wedding at the Grande family’s Boca Raton home. On Instagram, Frankie posted a couple of photos from the event and commented,

“Please welcome Mr. and Mr. Grande!! Yup! We got married! Surprise! On May 4th, Hale and I got married in a little private cosmic ceremony in my family’s house in Florida, since we are both that geeky.”

He said that the wedding drew them closer together as they exchanged vows in front of God. The wedding included various Star Wars figures, and it was followed by a weekend of games with friends and family. Frankie’s mother, Joan Grande, oversaw the ceremony, and the couple donned bespoke Dolce & Gabbana tuxedos. Frankie’s Instagram post concluded with a touching message for Leon. He said,

“I can’t wait to share all of these incredible tales, photos, and videos with you all as they come in, but for now, let me just say I’m happy I’ve ever been.” I’m married to the guy of my dreams, our families have blended nicely, and we’re on our way to happily ever after. Hale Grande, I adore you. “I am really proud to be your husband.”

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All About Hale Leon

Hale Leon is 29 years old and was born on August 15, 1992. He is a model and actor who has acted in films such as The Gay Police, Sweet and Sour, and My Piano Lesson. Leon is also a gamer that has worked with Twitch. He enjoys live-streaming footage of himself playing video games and communicating with his followers. He describes himself as a Fog Whisperer for Dead by Daylight and enjoys streaming horror games on his own Twitch channel.

Hale just married the love of his life, Frankie Grande. They initially met at a Los Angeles dance club in 2019. At first sight, Frankie fell in love with Hale. During an interview with a news station, Frankie said,

“I happened to go to this club in the Valley called Oil Can Harry’s and I saw Hale dancing on the stage.” He was entertaining everyone. He loved going to Oil Can Harry’s and knew all the dances; I was astounded.”

frankie grande

Leon marked their second anniversary with an Instagram post on March 27. In November 2020, they adopted a dog called Appa. Frankie Grande, on the other hand, is a dancer, actor, singer, producer, television presenter, and YouTube celebrity. He was on the reality television show Big Brother 16 in the United States and was a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew in 2015.

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