“Fixer to Fabulous” Season 4 Is Set To Be Released On HGTV Soon

Fixer to Fabulous season 4 will air on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. The first episode of the popular reality TV restoration series, which stars fan-favorite interior designer duo Jenny and Dave Marrs, will be broadcast on HGTV. Jenny and Dave star in Fixer to Fabulous as they fix their customers’ houses while still managing their own homes and caring for their five children. The pair also maintains a farm near Bentonville, Arkansas.

Jenny and Dave will renovate a different house every week in the soon-to-be-released series, which will contain sixteen episodes. The official summary for Fixer to Fabulous is as follows:

“By refurbishing antique houses in and around their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas, Dave, and Jenny Marrs embrace small-town America.”

It goes on to explain that the “resourceful and creative duo” renovates “old properties” that are in severe need of an update. The pair transforms these properties into “charming everlasting homes.” With just a few weeks before the launch of Fixer to Fabulous, here’s everything you need to know about episode 1.

When will the first Fixer to Fabulous show be broadcast on HGTV?

Episode 1 of Fixer to Fabulous, titled Family Home with Aussie Flair, will appear on HGTV on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT. If you miss the show, it will be re-aired at 12 a.m. ET/ 11 p.m. CT. Provided cable television is not accessible, viewers may watch the episode on YouTube TV if they have a membership and the login information. According to the forthcoming episode summary, an Australian couple wants to “brighten up their dreary ’80s rancher.” The couple wants to improve the house so that it matches their family’s lifestyle. The designer pair creates a separate room for their customers’ children and updates the property with “some Aussie-inspired elements.”

Fixer to Fabulous

Jenny Marrs discusses Fixer to Fabulous ahead of the season 4 debut.

Jenny Marrs went to her Instagram account before to the season 4 debut and posted an emotional message thanking fans for following them on their journey. She also said that she planned a watching party for the season premiere and that the proceeds will benefit a worthy cause. Her social media post discussed the show’s three-year anniversary and how they celebrated at their local movie theater. She went on to say that they “toasted, laughed, and bathed” in the affection of their family, friends, and neighbors.

Fixer to Fabulous

Jenny said that the second season debuted at a parking lot during the Covid-19 epidemic. They watched the premiere from their automobiles and claimed they “laughed and felt cherished and loved” even then. The previous year, the Marrs and their family, friends, and neighbors wrapped up in blankets beneath the stars to watch the season 3 opener. Jenny Marrs noted that they would see the season 4 premiere at their “adorable tiny theater downtown.” She said that since they want fans to join them, she has included a link to the tickets on her profile. All funds from the viewing party will be donated to Help One Now to “support the excellent work being done by our charitable partners.” She invited people to watch the premiere from the comfort of their own homes and support their program on HGTV, even if they couldn’t join them in person.

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