Fetty Luciano Was Recently Detained For A Long Island Hotel Pool Party Shooting

Fetty Luciano, a rapper, was recently arrested on charges relating to an alleged gunshot incident on July 10 at a Long Island hotel pool party. The event harmed three persons. Luciano turned himself into police and was charged with attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm, and reckless endangerment. He allegedly shot two guests and a security officer at The Mansion in Glen Cove on Long Island’s Gold Coast.

The incident occurred as a security officer was attempting to separate two people who were arguing. The celebration, dubbed the Big Fendi Celebrity B-Day Pool Party on social media, was attended by 150 to 200 individuals. After hearing the gunshots, everyone became terrified. The wounded were transferred to the hospital right away and are now safe.

Fetty Luciano

Before the officers came, the shooter fled the scene. According to Glen Cove Chief William Whitton, the officers negotiated Marshall’s surrender and arrest after a multi-agency inquiry, including assistance from the NYPD’s weapons suppression branch. On July 22, Luciano might be arraigned in Nassau County on the accusations.

Everything there is to know about Fetty Luciano

Fetty Luciano, previously known as Remy Marshall, started rapping in incarcerated. In 2018, he released a mixtape called Jam with Story to Tell, which included GS9 crew member Bobby Shmurda. Marshall grew up in Brooklyn, where he and his brother Chad were well-known basketball players. Remy, Chad, and Bobby, on the other hand, were arrested in 2014 for several crimes and sentenced to jail.


Remy began composing songs while in detention, supported by his brother, and began working on his music following his release. In 2018, he signed with Def Jam and released tracks such as On the Wall and FASHO.

Fetty Luciano

Following Fetty Luciano’s arrest

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the Gold Coast episode involving Luciano, Glen Cove Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck chastised the organizers, claiming that the accused were not from the area. She stated that, although private parties have previously resulted in noise complaints, she has chosen not to allow them again. The liquor license for the Mansion has also been confiscated. Michael Finkelstein, its lawyer, stated:

“Those with planned weddings and celebrations may rest confident that this temporary delay is being handled in a quick and thorough manner, and that all efforts are being made to resolve the issue immediately.”


The venue has not announced the number of wedding receptions and other events scheduled. It will be interesting to observe how the management handles the issue in the wake of the shooting.

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