Ferrari Has Banned Justin Bieber From New Purchases

Ferrari holds its automobile owners to very high standards, and any infraction of its strict code of ethics and ownership rules may result in blacklisting. Justin Bieber is learning the hard way after being treated similarly by the company. According to the Milan-based Italian newspaper Il Giornale, the Canadian pop artist has been barred from purchasing any new vehicles from the premium automaker. So, why was Bieber subjected to this punishment?

Ferrari has blacklisted Justin Bieber from future purchases.

Ferrari has a complex and careful procedure to assess whether customers are eligible for their prized automobiles, but the screening does not cease after the transaction is completed. Owners are required to treat their vehicles with the highest care and to follow the luxury automobile manufacturer’s code of conduct.

Bieber’s breach of these rules was not a one-time incident, but rather a series of violations. The singer’s Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition, purchased in 2011, was his second purchase from the manufacturer. It was initially white, but West Coast Customs altered it with a neon-blue wrap. Bieber has altered the hallowed Prancing Horse insignia to give it an electric blue appearance.

Justin Bieber

The F458 was also modified with new alloy wheels, unique lug nuts, flared fenders, aftermarket rims, and widebody kits, among other things. It was a risky option since the brand absolutely prohibits any form of bodywork alteration, engine tampering, ridiculous painting, or concealing of the Prancing Horse insignia. If an owner chooses to make these alterations or modifications, they must first get approval from the corporation. Furthermore, only authorized parties are permitted to make changes. These rules were plainly broken by Bieber.

The second incident occurred in 2015 when the singer ‘lost’ his bright blue F458 after a crazy night of partying in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Many weeks after the event, he was reunited with the automobile. Ferrari was naturally irritated by this conduct, claiming that owners should not be so irresponsible with their vehicles. In terms of driving, Bieber has received penalties in Miami and Los Angeles for reckless driving and failing to obey traffic laws.

The last straw for Ferrari was Bieber’s decision to auction off the automobile without the company’s permission in 2017, albeit for charitable grounds. The company has a provision in its own agreement that prohibits owners from reselling the vehicle during the first year of purchase. Following that, owners must request permission from the brand if they intend to sell it.

Justin Bieber


In view of these recurrent infractions of their code of ethics and ownership rules, the Italian automobile manufacturer has decided to bar Justin Bieber from purchasing any of their vehicles in the future. Notably, the 28-year-old is not the only household name who has been subjected to this prohibition. Bieber joins a litany of celebrities who have allegedly been forbidden from acquiring Ferraris for the rest of their lives, including fellow Canadian musician Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman, Nicolas Cage, rapper Tyga, Kim Kardashian, 50 Cent, and automotive journalist Chris Harris.

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