Fans Criticized Sydney After She Chose David Over Dough In “Five Guys a Week”

Tonight on Five Guys a Week, Sydney was forced to choose between two guys she liked: Doug and David. David is 24 years old, whereas Doug is 30. Doug, according to Sydney, was intellectual and open-minded. In addition, unlike the other males who were busy playing a game, Doug remained to hold Sydney outdoors in the snow. He attempted to persuade her that he was not a ladies’ man, as she had believed. He also cooked for her, but David had no idea how to cook.

Fans of Five Guys a Week predicted that Sydney would choose Doug over David, who was still finding his place in life. But she selected David because Doug, at 30, was too set in his ways. Fans chastised Sydney for picking a younger guy over Doug, claiming that David couldn’t be 24 based on his appearance.


Fans of Five Guys a Week criticize Sydney Austin for picking David over Doug.

Fans of Five Guys a Week flocked to Twitter to criticize Sydney for selecting a player over an open-minded guy. They further claimed that David lied about his age and was not 24 years old.

What happened tonight on Five Guys a Week?

Sydney, a 25-year-old culinary influencer, brought five guys into her home tonight to find a mate for herself on Five Guys a Week. She now resides in New York.

The guys were as follows:

  • Zach is a single 28-year-old man from Pennsylvania.
  • Andrew: Operations Manager for E-commerce
  • David is a 24-year-old sixth-grade teacher from New York,
  • Andrey is a marketing professional from New Jersey.
    Sir Douglas is a 30-year-old Yonkers carpenter and company owner.

Sydney had no connection with Andrey, who remained in the corner of the room without speaking to her. As a result, she decided to send him home. After Andrey departed, the four remaining guys played cards and the game “never have I ever.” Zach drank heavily and slept until 1:45 p.m. the following day. Sydney objected, claiming that one of her past relationships had terminated due to her partner’s excessive drinking. Following that, she challenged the lads to an ax-throwing contest.


Andrew was victorious in the round and kissed Sydney. Later, they ran across Sydney’s pals, who posed some embarrassing questions to the males. Doug came to Sydney after her friends had departed to persuade her that he was not a player, according to Sydney’s pal. Later, David and Andrew went to her room to attempt to win her over. Sydney sent Zach home the following day because she thought he was not attempting to build a connection with her. Sydney’s brother and parents, who had been married for 25 years, joined the three surviving guys for breakfast.

Andrew made an embarrassing comment in front of Sydney’s father, and his praises seemed forced. He also went on and on about his bowel movement log. Sydney decided to send Andrew home after discussing it with her parents. Finally, she requested Doug and David to prepare her supper. She said that both guys were quite pleasant, but she preferred David over Doug. Every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET, Lifetime broadcasts Five Guys a Week.

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