Fans Believe Russell Crowe And Gerard Butler Have A Similar Appearance

If you ever search the internet for the finest historical action movies, Gladiator and 300 are almost certainly on the list. As fans and reviewers categorized these two films, they also gave their thoughts on the two principal actors. Discussions have varied from mistaking the actors for one person to seeing them as twin brothers in a movie.

In Gladiator, Australian star Russell Crowe portrayed Maximus, while in 300, Scottish actor Gerard Butler played Leonidas. Crowe and Butler have been mistaken for look-alikes despite the fact that they are two separate actors.

Fans believe Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler look alike.

“I constantly get mistaken with Clive Owen or Russell Crowe,” the 300 actors remarked in a 2016 interview with Esquire UK. “God, if another person tells me how much they adored me in Gladiator…” Gerard exclaimed with frustration.

Crowe, on the other hand, has never acknowledged having comparable interactions. Aside from any real-life incidents that the actors may have encountered, many netizens are perplexed by the two actors. “Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe absolutely look identical & I still get so confused sometimes trying to figure out who is who when I watch either of them in a movie,” one Twitter user commented.

Russell Crowe

“Do you notice the resemblance?” the user asked, with photographs of the two actors side by side. “Can we please talk Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe!” another person tweeted. I thought it was the same individual in every movie.”
“Aren’t they Father and Son?” a comment was read. A fan sarcastically remarked in response to Bulter’s 2018 film Den of Thieves, “Gerard Butler’s transition into Russell Crowe has been fantastic.” Fans have invented movie scenarios for the actors to star in, in addition to look-alike debates. There’s also a subreddit called “Who else would watch a movie starring Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe as identical brothers?” Amazingness is assured!”

Body Transformations of Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler

Crowe and Bulter’s bodies have changed since they portrayed their classic roles. When he portrayed Maximus in Gladiator, Crowe had a sculpted six-pack (2000). When the star was sighted in 2020, his abs had given way to an increasing paunch. His change was well-publicized. But it turns out that the actor did not ease up on his workout routine. In the thriller Unhinged, he gained weight to portray a deranged stalker.
The Oscar winner is no stranger to altering his appearance to suit the job.

Gerard Butler

In order to play Roger Ailes, the former chairman and CEO of Fox News, in the series The Loudest Voice, he had to acquire a large amount of weight and wear a fat suit. Crowe, 58, was said to be wanting to avoid the limelight until he got back into shape. Butler’s Leonidas had an eight-pack ab, not a six-pack. “That was the greatest shape I had ever been in my life,” the London Has Fallen star stated.

His 300-minute routine consisted of two hours of CrossFit-style training, two hours of bodybuilding, and two hours of combat choreography. “I was damaging my body in certain respects, but I was looking fantastic doing it,” he continued. Almost two decades later, the actor has lost his sculpted abs. Butler, 52, seems to be in good shape and somewhat muscular.

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