Fans  Are Ecstatic When BTS’ J-Hope Recovers From COVID-19 And Returns To The 64th GRAMMY Awards

J-Hope, a member of BTS, has totally recovered from COVID-19. BIGHIT MUSIC said in an official statement that the K-pop sensation has totally recovered from the illness and that his quarantine has ended as of March 30. The statement runs as follows:

“We’re happy to report that BTS member J-Hope has fully recovered and his quarantine has ended as of today, March 30.”

Following the death of a group member, the news came as a pleasant surprise. Jungkook was recently found to be infected with the virus. The maknae is suffering from a sore throat, but he made sure to keep followers updated on his health through Instagram.

BTS' J-Hope
BTS’ J-Hope

J-Hope Will attend the Grammy Awards in the United States next month

J-Hope has been receiving medical care at home since March 23, according to BIGHIT MUSIC. The 28-year-old musician may resume his regular activities, according to their statement.

According to the agency:

“J-Hope has been self-treating at home since last Wednesday, and now that his quarantine period is up, he may resume his normal activities. During his confinement, he developed slight signs of a sore throat, but he is quickly healing.”

J-Hope will fly to the United States to attend the Grammy Awards on April 3 in Las Vegas, according to BIGHIT MUSIC. His attendance at the award ceremony will not be a problem due to local quarantine restrictions.

According to the agency:

“J-Hope is slated to fly out to attend the Grammy Awards, and he will follow COVID-19 requirements for air travel. According to local quarantine standards, his attendance in the Grammy Awards will be unaffected.”

“See you soon, J-Hope,” fans said after learning of the K-pop idol’s recovery.

BTS fans expressed their joy and excitement after hearing the news of J-recovery Hope on Twitter. They sent comments and pictures of Jungkook on social media, wishing him a swift recovery.

The Most Recent Information About BTS Jungkook’s Health

On March 28, 2022, Jungkook tested positive for COVID-19. On March 30, he updated his supporters on his health situation via his official Instagram account.

The K-pop artist is shown lounging in his room with a microcosmos bulb illuminating his surroundings and music playing in the background in a video he released.

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