Erin Maroney Fraser’s Obituary: How Did She Die? Cause Of Death Explained

Erin Maroney’s obituary Fraser said that she died at the age of 53 from a cerebral hemorrhage. Erin Maroney Fraser was a former Saturday Night Live writer. Initially, she assisted with the development and launch of Conan O’Brien’s Late Night.

Later in his career, Fraser produced many films for Broadway Videos, including Tommy Boy, Superstar, Black Sheep, and Wayne’s World 2. Meanwhile, Fraser worked mostly as a Saturday Night Live staff writer. She was also an associate producer and talent executive for the Burly Bear Network. She afterward took a break from filmmaking. Fans are still in shock at Fraser’s death and want to know what caused her demise.

Erin Maroney Fraser’s Obituary – Fans Pay Tribute

The formal obituary for Erin Maroney Fraser has yet to be posted, but the news of her death has already shocked everyone. She died on March 3, 2023, at the age of 53. During their most recent show, Saturday Night Live paid homage to Fraser, remembering her origins as a senior assistant to famous producer Lorne Michaels. Similarly, Fox and Weeks have paid respect to Fraser and revealed some information about her death. They also said that memorial ceremonies will be held in Savannah and New York at a later date.

Erin Maroney Fraser

Erin Maroney Fraser, Former SNL Writer, Died – GoFundMe

Erin Maroney Fraser, a longtime writer for Saturday Night Live, died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Erin’s children’s education fund now has a GoFundMe page. According to the post, Erin awoke, wished her youngest kid a happy birthday on March 2, and went to work at her new job. Her new employment was with the Savannah Regional Film Commission (SRFC), for your knowledge. Fraser was appointed Executive Director of SRFC. It was a routine day until she became unwell after lunch. Fraser died within hours after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage. The goal is now to reach $150,000, with $2000 already raised.

Erin Maroney Fraser’s Husband and Children: Her Family Life

Erin Maroney Fraser was a happily married lady who shared her life with her husband, Walter Javan “Jay” Fraser III. They had been together for quite some time. According to reports, the Frasers married on September 6, 1997. Their wedding was held quietly in the company of their family and close friends at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Scarborough-on-Hudson, New York. The couple had three children after being married for a long period. Their names, however, have not been made public. Her eldest daughter was just admitted to the University of Georgia after graduating from Emory University. Fraser’s two youngest children are also students at Emory University. Erin’s husband, Jay, was with her at the time of her death.

Erin Maroney Fraser

Erin Maroney Fraser’s Net Worth

Erin Maronoey Fraser had made a good living from her work. She worked on the production line for a long time, and her most renowned job was at Saturday Night Live. We think Erin had a substantial net worth, but the exact figure is still being investigated. She had a fantastic time with her family after taking a vacation from the profession. She had, however, just recently begun her position as Executive Director of the Savannah Regional Film Commission (SRFC).

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