Erik Lake Living His Best Life after Divorce from Ex Wife Virginia Coombs

The pilot is buzzing with energy! After his tenure on Married at First Sight, where he married his ex-wife Virginia Coombs, Erik Lake became a reality TV phenomenon.

Their marriage, however, fell apart despite everything they did and experienced throughout their time together. Divorce became the only option in the end. Lake is now living with the same zest for life and work as he had before he married Coombs. He’s active on social media and doesn’t mind making jokes about himself and his time on the show.

Erik Lake is a writer who lives in the United After Divorce from Your Ex-Wife, How Do You Move On?

Lake and Coombs’ social media accounts were devoid of posts about one another before they split. One of the earliest signs of their breakup was this.

Following their split, Coombs’ disappearance from Instagram has remained. And, while this is unsurprising, he has kept up the normal programming — amusing posts about his time as a pilot and his time on the show. His most recent post, dated May 8, 2022, is a fantastic example of how his work in aviation and reality television collided, and how he became meme material among his friends.

Lake could only come up with “falling in love is like having the finest landing of your life.” He made fun of that very thing in the post. “When you’re on a TV show and speak a stupid remark about equating love to something you do at work,” Lake said, “you’re permanently setting yourself to accept garbage from your buddies.” His caption echoed this sentiment. He, on the other hand, was all about poking fun of himself. “It’s still a good analogy, in my opinion. To get both, you must put in the effort! “In the caption, he made a joke.


Marriage and Divorce of Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs

Lake and Coombs initially appeared on Married at First Sight season 12 as a couple. They met at the altar for the first time and married on August 31, 2020. The first several days were enjoyable. The former couple decided to stay married on Decision Day. Lake referred to the marriage as “one of the greatest experiments of my life,” and Coombs as “one of the coolest individuals I’ve ever met.”

Seasons 13, 14, and 15 of the show featured their romance. It eventually deteriorated, as seen by Lake’s jealousy of his then-partying wife’s lifestyle in season 15. Prior to this, in January 2021, they sought the help of a relationship specialist to resolve their issues, and they even pulled their marriage off social media to protect themselves. However, there was no improvement. As a result, on July 15, 2021, they announced that they were divorcing. They claimed in a statement that the end of their time together was not due to a lack of effort and that divorce did not rule out the possibility of a future reunion. Many people accused the pair of staying together for the sake of the program after their divorce.

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