Eric Braeden Stated That He Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Eric Braeden, a well-known actor, has stated that he has been diagnosed with cancer. During a Facebook Live session, he revealed the news, explaining that he had been suffering from prostate issues while recovering from knee replacement surgery. A following doctor’s visit indicated that he had high-grade cancer cells near his bladder. He is already receiving immunotherapy, which will last six weeks. He also mentioned that he is learning to listen to his body and not exceed his boundaries. He went on to say:

“So, if you’ve noticed me acting a little under the weather, that’s because I have, but I’ll lick this.” This jerk isn’t going to get me, but I’m going to get it. It’ll be back in prime condition shortly.”

Despite his health concerns, Eric plans to continue appearing in daily operas. He said that he enjoyed performing and would continue to amuse people, saying:

“So, whenever you have a family member who is going through this, support them.” It may work out. Cancer therapy has advanced to the point that you can survive it.”

Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden is well-known for his role as Victor Newman in The Young and the Restless, a CBS soap opera. Dale Russell has been his wife since 1966.

Eric Braeden and Dale Russell married in a private ceremony.

Dale Suzanne Russell, born November 17, 1941, is a former actress best known for her appearance in Holiday in the Sun. Her net worth is reported to be approximately $800,000, and she works as an interior designer presently. Eric and Dale originally met and began dating in the 1960s. They married in a secret wedding ceremony in October 1966 and subsequently had a son called Christian Gudegast. Dale has always been characterized by Eric Braeden as someone who has supported him throughout his great career in the film and television industries.

Eric Braeden

The couple has done some charitable work together. They have donated to the Alzheimer’s Association and campaigned to raise funds for Parkinson’s disease research. Christian, the duo’s son, is a well-known writer and filmmaker. He directed a music video and wrote the screenplays for A Man Apart and London Has Fallen. He also produced and directed Den of Thieves, a 2018 heist action film.

Eric Braeden is well-known for his roles in several television programs.

Eric Braeden rose to prominence in the 1980s as Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless. He is particularly well-known for his roles in The Rat Patrol and The Forbin Project. In addition, he has acted in films such as 100 Rifles, Titanic, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, The Judge and Jake Wyler, and others. In 2018, he appears as “Ziggy” Zerhusen in Den of Thieves.

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