Episode 14 Of FBI Season 4: Release Date, Promo, And More

After a week’s hiatus, the FBI is poised to return with another exciting episode. The previous episode of the criminal drama was broadcast on February 22, 2022, before the show’s brief hiatus. This week, a new episode named Ambition will premiere. The episode looks promising, according to the trailer and synopsis given by CBS. On March 8, 2022, a new episode will premiere.

The show has been on hiatus for several months for several reasons. Finally, the show will have a prolonged regular run beginning with Ambition, the 14th episode of the season. The show has been highly experimental during the last season, and fans expect more of the same in the forthcoming episode.

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FBI season 4, episode 14
FBI Season 4, Episode 14 Release Date

Promo for FBI Season 4, Episode 14: A look at gun extremism?

CBS’s trailer and synopsis promise an explosive episode concerning an extremist firearms gang. There will also be a bomb detonation at the anti-gun lobby.

The promo is fast-paced, which could mean a lot will happen in the one-hour timeframe. The blast may take center stage as the crew rushes to uncover the perpetrators. CBS issued the official synopsis around two weeks ago, which reads,

“After an anti-gun lobbying building is attacked, the squad investigates a radical gun group; SAC Bashar dangles a possible promotion for OA.”

Apart from the compelling case of the radical firearms group, the synopsis teases various subplots that will be vital to the team members. Keith Eisner wrote and directed this episode, which Jean de Segonzac directed.

When will the next episode of FBI air?

A new episode of the CBS crime drama will air on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. All of the show’s spin-offs will also return after a one-week hiatus. It will be shown on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. The most recent episode will be released concurrently on the CBS network’s online streaming service, where you can also access all past episodes of the show.

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