Emma Mackey Discussed How She Is Being Compared To Margot Robbie 

Emma Mackey, star of Sex Education, recently told out about admirers comparing her to Margot Robbie. In an interview with Total Film on Wednesday, September 14, Mackey admitted that although she doesn’t mind the similarities, she would want to “get beyond that. ” She stated:

“It doesn’t bother me. It’s Margot Robbie calling. Are you serious? She is unrivaled. I really admire her. I don’t mind the parallels. However, it would be wonderful to move on from that.”

Several Twitter users have also noted Mackey’s striking likeness to The Wolf of Wall Street actor Margot Robbie. Mackey is also appearing in Robbie’s forthcoming picture, Barbie. Continue reading to find out what Emma Mackey had to say about being compared to Margot Robbie and her forthcoming flick.

Emma Mackey says she and Margot Robbie “do not look anything alike.”

Emma Mackey discussed admirers comparing her appearance to Margot Robbie during an interview with Total Film on September 14. She said (via GamesRadar+) that the resemblance is “funny” and a “joke.” “It’s simply amusing. And I believe Margot has had the grace and wit to play on that, allowing me to be in the same picture as her – bless her. In reality, it’s only a joke. ‘We don’t look anything like each other,’ I think.

Emma Mackey

Several fans were overjoyed when it was reported that Mackey had joined the cast of Margot Robbie’s Barbie earlier this year. Many people have been comparing the two actresses’ appearances on social media since then. Mackey briefly mentioned Barbie’s tone in an interview with Total Picture, characterizing it as “surprise,” but did not divulge too many specifics about the widely awaited film. She said (via GamesRadar+):

“It’s rather unique. It’s one of the greatest scripts we’ve ever read. In many respects, it’s shocking. I believe people will have a concept of the film, and I do not believe it will be that. It will come as a surprise.”

She went on to say that the film is a comedy and that there would be no crying:

“No sobbing! It was fantastic to perform pure humor, especially American comedy. And I got to collaborate with great heroes.”

During the interview, she also mentioned her desire to collaborate with Greta Girwig, the filmmaker of Barbie. She called Girwig her “hero” and expressed her adoration for her.

All about Barbie

Barbie is one of the most anticipated films of 2023, centered on the well-known and beloved eponymous figure. However, little information about the film is known, and storyline specifics are presently being kept under wraps. Margot Robbie, who portrays the title character, is joined by Ryan Gosling, Emma Mackey, Kate McKinnon, America Ferrera, and Simu Liu, among others. Greta Gerwig directs the picture, which is based on a story written by Marriage Story director Noah Baumbach. Gerwig has directed numerous critically praised films, including Lady Bird, Frances Ha, and Little Women, to mention a few.

Emma Mackey

Details regarding Emma Mackey’s part in the film are likewise unknown at this time, although based on sources, she will play a vital role. Mackey was most recently seen in Kenneth Branagh’s smash film Death on the Nile. She appeared in the romantic drama film Eiffel last year. She also stars as Emily in Emily, a biopic based on the life of famed English novelist Emily Bronte.

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