Eloise Mumford And Others Star In Hallmark’s Romance Drama The Presence Of Love

The Presence of Love, a new Hallmark film, will premiere on the Movies and Mystery Network on Sunday, March 10. It’s a romantic comedy that was shot in Cornwall, England.

Jocelyn “Joss” Lambert, an adjunct professor, receives a surprise present from her late mother in this film. The gift is a 10-day vacation to England, which Joss and her mother had hoped to take while she was still living.

Joss meets Daniel, the owner of the property where her mother grew up when she travels to England to trace her ancestors. Daniel and Joss’ friendship develops stronger throughout the process, as the latter discovers a link to her family’s past.

The official Hallmark movie summary reads:

“Adjunct professor Joss visits the farm where her late mother grew up in England and befriends with single-father Daniel, whose family now runs it.”

Meet the actors and crew

The Presence of Love
The Presence of Love

1) Eloise Mumford in the role of Joss

Eloise Mumford is a Washington-born actress who attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts and graduated in 2009. She earned the lead in the TV series Lone Star, in which she played Lindsay Holloway a year after graduation.

Mumford is also recognized for playing Dakota Johnson’s BFF in all Fifty Shades of Grey episodes. She’s also starred in films like The Right Stuff, Chicago Fire, One December Night, The Baker’s Son, The River, and Reckless. She plays Jocelyn “Joss” Lambert, an adjunct professor of romance literature, in the upcoming Hallmark film.

2) Julian Morris plays Daniel

Julian Morris is a well-known face on television, having starred in some critically praised shows such as Man in an Orange Shirt, Hand of God, Pretty Little Liars, and Little Women. New Girl, A Royal Queens Christmas, The Morning Show, and Once Upon a Time are among his other credits.

Morris’ character will be a single father with a dyslexic daughter, who will be played by Amy Sharp, a child artist who will make her acting debut in this film. In Hallmark’s The Presence of Love, he will play Daniel. Tegan is the name of her character.

3) Amanda Blake in the role of Gwen

Amanda Blake plays Gwen’s role in the new Hallmark romance drama. The actress has only recently begun her career in the entertainment industry, with a few productions under her belt. She’s been seen in Avenue 5, The Batman, Partly Rotten, and Her Pen Pal.

In the film The Presence of Love, her character Gwen plays Joss’ friend who receives a surprise gift from the latter’s mother.

It’s all about Love’s Presence.

The Presence of Love also features the following actors in addition to the cast mentioned above:

  • Samantha Bond (Merryn)
  • June B. Wilde (Robyn)
  • Anand Desai-Barochia (Felix)
  • Sarah Corbridge (Carol)
  • Emma Young (Natalie)
  • Molly Hanson (Mrs. Whitten)
  • Ellie Nunn (Isabelle)
  • Amiirah Davis (Lily)

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