Dylan Mulvaney’s Transphobic Scandal Is Clarified As The Influencer Comes Under Fire

HRH Collection, an influencer and jewelry designer, has raised eyebrows online when racist and transphobic messages directed towards transgender actor Dylan Mulvaney went viral. HRH Collection, real name Alexandra Pierce, attacked Dylan Mulvaney in a series of tweets on December 18. In reference to Mulvaney, who uses the pronouns she/her, HRH Collection misgendered the actress and stated:

“Isn’t he sticking tampons up his a*s or something?”

HRH Collection was alluding to Dylan Mulvaney’s TikTok video, in which she claimed to always have tampons on hand to offer to anybody in need. At the time, the actress was working with Tampax.

She added in another tweet:

“That weird Dylan guy will never be a lady, so get over it.”

Dylan Mulvaney

In previous tweets, the online celebrity argued that Black people had “greater privilege” than White people. “Free Iran?” she added in another tweet. What? “Are you a Muslim?” In another tweet, HRH Collection stated:

“Support my line because I’m a woman, my complexion is white, and my mother comes from an immigrant household. “Do you hear how ret*rded you sound?”

Who exactly is HRH Collection?

Alexandra Pierce is a YouTuber and jewelry designer who goes by the handle HRH Collection on social media. She has over 372K followers on the video-sharing network, where she often broadcasts tirade videos. She also acquired significant social media momentum when her TikTok sound “it’s not the vibe- stop” went viral. Pierce refers to her weekly videos as “classes,” and she refers to her detractors as “rodents at the rear of the class.”

Dylan Mulvaney

The 38-year-old was born and raised in Orange County, California. Her weight reduction journey videos have received a lot of attention online. Pierce received her master’s degree in international business from Shanghai University. While in the country, she also learned conversational Mandarin. This is not the first time HRH Collection has received negative feedback on social media. During the epidemic, she referred to mask wearers as “sheep.” She famously said that she couldn’t eat with “the mask gestapo.” She further justified the usage of Swastika insignia by remarking, “It’s a free f**king nation.” Her YouTube account also contains racist stuff. Pierce said in 2018 that she went through an “Asian period.” She then went on to post videos in which she stereotyped the race.


Peirce advocated eating disorders in another contentious video. In a 2019 video titled “Fine Then Go Be Fat And Leave Me Alone,” she advised viewers to go on a fast. Several netizens blasted the influencer in light of her recent provocative remarks. Many people mercilessly criticized the YouTuber. Among the tweets were:

Dylan Mulvaney recently made waves after disclosing that she was getting face feminization surgery. She posted a TikTok video with Mercury Stardust, commonly known as “Trans Handy Ma’am,” online. Stardust praised Mulvaney in the video for “putting things into your own hands when it comes to your gender affirmation.” Mulvaney, 25, was overcome with emotion as she conveyed her thanks to Stardust.

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