Drew Barrymore Apologizes For Her Remarks On The Depp-Heard Defamation Trial

Drew Barrymore is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the current Johnny Depp-Amber Heard court dispute. On Friday’s broadcast of The Drew Barrymore Show, she and guest Anthony Anderson addressed the slander suit. Her views on the current court case, on the other hand, were not warmly received by netizens. During a segment on her program on the trial, Barrymore said that she “can’t stand” it. She also said that it was “a seven-layer dip of craziness, like one layer of insane.”

The actress, 47, said that it was “very intriguing” before revealing:

“I understand that these are two people’s genuine lives, and I understand what it’s like to have your life made public.” I understand all of your emotions, but they’re really revealing things that no one needed to know. This is insane!”

Since the show aired, netizens have voiced dissatisfaction with the actress for speaking about the trial in a lighthearted tone, which was also called “insensitive.”

Drew Barrymore apologizes for her remarks on the Depp-Heard defamation trial.

Drew Barrymore apologized for her statements on her Instagram account on Sunday, May 1. According to the Blended actress:

“Hello, it has come to my notice that I have upset people by making fun of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and for that, I really regret and thank everyone who came out since this may be an educational opportunity for me.” And how I go and behave myself.”

Drew Barrymore

The actress-turned-TV presenter went on to say that she is learning how to be a “more thoughtful and better person” in the future since all she wants to be is a “nice person.” She went on to say:

“I appreciate the profundity of this, and I will develop and change as a result of it.”

Drew Barrymore concluded her Instagram message with:

“I want to thank everyone who has helped me develop and taught me along the road.” Thank you very much.”

What has recently come to light in the court battle?

The American Civil Liberties Union said that they had not received $3.5 million from Amber Heard after she agreed to contribute half of her divorce settlement to the organization and the other half to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Executives at the ACLU said that they had only received $1.3 million, including $500 000 from an Elon Musk-linked fund. Heard was supposedly in a relationship with the new Twitter owner for a short time.

It was also stated that the Aquaman actress was unable to meet the balance of the promise due to financial difficulties. Dr. Shannon Curry, a forensic psychologist hired by Johnny Depp’s legal team, also alleged that Heard suffers from borderline and histrionic personality disorders. According to reports, the two are characterized by “much rage, brutality against others who are less powerful, and attention-seeking.” Curry went on to say that the conduct is motivated by “an underlying dread of desertion.”

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