Drake Lost $300,000 As He Bet On Charles Leclerc To Win The Spanish Grand Prix

Drake, a Canadian artist, has placed a CA $300,000 wager on Charles Leclerc to win the Spanish Grand Prix against Max Verstappen. He shared a screenshot of himself wagering over $300 million ($233 million) on Instagram. In the screenshot, he added, “First F1 bet, let’s see how it goes.” Stakes, a cryptocurrency betting platform, has agreed to work with the Canadian singer.

Yesterday, Charles Leclerc got a fantastic pole position. The Ferrari driver went out on the first lap of his Q3 session but recovered to earn a pole in 1:18.750. Max Verstappen dominated qualifying up until the third session, however, he was unable to preserve his lead in the standings. Verstappen said he lost power on his last flying lap and had to stop.


Response to Drake’s $300,000 loss

Netizens weighed in on Drake’s wager. Drake was thought to be cursed by some. Do the opposite of whatever he bets on:

Drake’s prior failed wagers

He is more recognized as a musician than a sports team selection. The music mogul has lately entered the iGaming and sports betting markets as a result of his association with Stake, a Canadian sports wagering, iGaming, and crypto platform. The rapper wagered $400,000 on Justin Gaethje defeating Charles Oliveira at UFC 274.


He was confident enough to invest $427,000 (£346,000) on a bet that would have paid out more than $1 million, but Oliveira lost in the first round, leaving him to calculate his losses. Gaethje immediately tapped to ensure the 155lb belt stayed empty. Drake made a similar wager in March, betting $275,000 on Jorge Masvidal to beat Colby Covington. Covington defeated his hater in another bet that would have earned him almost $1 million.

According to Covington:

“Let’s talk about all the money he lost tonight; he has to go back to selling those crappy records to make up for it. He should have gone to mybookie[.agPick ]’s America’s of the Week. I attempted to offer everyone a choice of the week. Rapper, you’re a jerk when it comes to sports betting. Return to your dingy little CDs and rapping.”

Even in loss, his circumstances aren’t all bad. His faith in Masvidal was rewarded when he offered to take him out to dinner the next time he visited Miami.

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