DONGKIZ’s Jaechan Was Accused Of Being A School Bully

Fans of DONGKIZ were shocked when member Jaechan was accused of being a school bully. DONGKIZ, a South Korean singer-songwriter, and actor, made his music debut in 2019. Aside from his singing career, Jaechan has been in a number of various programs and web dramas, the most recent of which being Watcha’s Semantic Error.

This is the second time DONGKIZ’s Jaechan has been accused of bullying at school.

In a Twitter thread, the idol was called out for suspected bullying in school. An anonymous netizen (hence referred to as Netizen A) stated that Jaechan had only targeted female students. A stated:

“Park Jae Chan, who portrayed Choo Sang Woo in Semantic Error, was a school bully. Since elementary school, he has solely bullied female students. He would irritate other kids with his bully squad, and he smoked in class. You know the truth before you like him.”


Netizen A also shared images of the idol’s graduation as confirmation of their allegation. The anonymous complainant further stated that Jaechan had a negative impression of idol fans until he became a trainee himself.

“He used to call idol fans pitiful and disparage all male idols until he became one of the trainees in ninth grade. As a result, we used to remark that labels are unconcerned with the past. If you have a screenshot showing him smoking and carrying a random wood beam that he posted on social media, please share it.”

Other Twitter users verified Netizen A’s statements. One of them claimed to be from the same school and stated that the singer was well-known for his bullying across the school. Dongyo Entertainment presently represents the DONGKIZ member. In response to the charges, the agency issued a statement emphatically rejecting all of them. Dongyo Entertainment claimed that they had checked with the star about the allegations. They also asserted that the background check was conducted prior to the idol’s debut with the group and that no such accusations were discovered.


Dongyo Entertainment indicated that they would sue people who disseminated the allegedly incorrect information. The agency also asked for fans’ help and asked that anyone with information contact them. This isn’t the first time the idol has been accused of being engaged in school bullying. Prior to his 2019 debut, another unnamed netizen accused the DONGKIZ star of bullying at school, claiming that Jaechan had a “trash demeanor.”

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