Don Spike Is Sentenced To Prison For 3 Years For Drug Abuse

Don Spike, an internationally acclaimed K-pop song composer, was sentenced to three years in prison and suspended after being found guilty of drug possession and misuse. On January 9, the artist faced his first trial in Seoul Northern District Court for breaching multiple laws banning the possession and use of psychotropic and narcotic drugs, including the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes.

In addition to three years in jail, the 45-year-old artist was sentenced to five years of probation and eighty hours of drug awareness training as part of his rehabilitation. He has also been ordered to conduct 120 hours of community service and pay a hefty fine of 40 million won. Don Spike received a sentence that was less harsh than the five-year term requested by the prosecution, according to the court decision. During an early stage of the legal process, he confessed his guilt, and his family and those close to him filed various petitions. The verdict stated:

“The support shown by his family and those close to him have been taken into account (in the judgment) since it may prevent recurrent criminal crimes.”

Don Spike has spent over 45 million won on narcotics since 2021.

Kim Min-su, also known as Don Spike, was arrested on September 28, 2022, in a hotel in Gangnam District, Seoul, on allegations of violating the Drug Control Act. The musician reportedly acquired 45 million won worth of methamphetamine and used it recreationally more than fourteen times. According to a District Court of Northern Seoul ruling, Min-su obtained over a hundred grams of meth and persuaded other persons to engage in recreational drug consumption. The decree went on to explain the reasoning for the artist’s punishment:

“Considering the magnitude of the charges, the defendant had acquired over 100 grams of methamphetamine and led many persons to abuse the substance.”

Don Spike

Owning, manufacturing, or consuming drugs having a street value of at least 5 million won but less than 50 million won is punishable by a three-year prison term in Korea. The minimum term for drug possession worth more than 50 million won is seven years in jail. Don Spike talked to the press after being detained by officials and confirmed that the accusations were accurate. Kim Min-su pled guilty to the allegations leveled against him during a court hearing in December.

Don Spike

He had thirty grams of cocaine on him at the time of his arrest, enough for almost 600 uses. Spike is facing drug abuse allegations for the third time. He was sentenced to 5 million won in 2010 for his ongoing usage of cannabis. Don Spike is a well-known musician who has written and arranged a lot of K-pop songs for different artists. The amazing K-pop boy band EXO is one of the most renowned performers that have collaborated with Spike. Spike owned the BBQ eatery Low & Slow in addition to his employment in the entertainment sector. Don Spike is presently being held in the Seoul Dongbu Detention Center, according to sources.

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