Doja Cat Received Two Awards At The Billboard Music Awards

The Woman vocalist won two prizes for her album Planet Her: Top Rhythm and Blues Album and Top Rhythm and Blues Female Artist. Her followers, however, are more concerned with what she accomplished before taking the stage than with the accolades she received.

Doja Cat came to a halt to sip her drink and vape.

Doja Cat laughed slightly once the prize presenters, Dixie D’Amelio and Dove Cameron, shouted her name. Doja felt the urge to calm her anxiety as the people surrounding her got up to offer her a standing ovation. She went down swiftly to take tiny sips of her drink and a fast puff on her vaporizer. She then dumped the vaporizer on the ground in true Doja fashion before approaching the stage. Many showgoers flocked to Twitter to express their thoughts on the unexpected situation. Some regarded the move to be humorous and iconic, while others made light of it.

Doja Cat

Many people pointed out that this was not the first time Doja Cat hurled her vaporizer before taking the stage at an award presentation. Many jokingly said that the vape is violent. One commenter even suggested that someone compile a list of all the times Doja has thrown away her vaporizer. She did something similar just before winning her Grammy for Kiss Me More, her collaboration with SZA.

The singer has been open about her difficult history, revealing that she struggled with addiction and had poor eating habits prior to her fame. She said in an Instagram live video that she had to live on little to no money, couch surfing at friends’ and lovers’ homes. She previously admitted to Rolling Stone that she was hooked to smokes. And then quit smoking to use acid, but quit after a poor trip. She disclosed:

“Acid was a beautiful experience for me, but after a time, I realized I didn’t need it.” My most recent trip was a disaster, but it forced me to break a number of poor behaviors.”

Doja Cat

She told another reporter:

“I don’t desire much but this silly stuff.” That’s all there is to it. Vape, chocolate, and s*x.”

Doja Cat’s Billboard Music Awards look was as distinctive as ever.

The singer arrived at the BBMA 2022 in yet another unusual ensemble.  She looked stunning in a black, angular Schiaparelli gown with an open front. Her breast was hidden behind a flimsy beige shawl and golden pasties. The gold metallic pasties are designed by Agent Provocateur.

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