Does Lashana Lynch Have a Boyfriend? Inside Her Dating Life Relationship

We only get a glimpse of the actress’s life through her Instagram account. She has a lot of images with Damola Adelaja there. This has led to speculation that Adelaja is Lynch’s boyfriend and that the two are dating.

Is Damola Adelaja Lashana Lynch’s Boyfriend?

Lynch has never revealed if she has a partner, as previously said. Furthermore, she has never spoken about dating or having a boyfriend.

As a result, it’s impossible to say whether Adelaja is Lynch’s partner. Many tabloids, however, claim that the couple has been together for an extended period.

Hollywood Magazine confirmed that the couple had been dating for quite some time. On Instagram, Lynch and Adelaja’s love for one another has been open and ambiguous. Lynch has a dozen photos of Adelaja on Instagram, the first of which was taken on May 4, 2012. In one Instagram post, the Captain Marvel star expressed her gratitude for her co-star.

She shared a photo of the two adoringly gazing at each other. Adelaja had been with her “through thick and thin, defects and all,” she wrote in the captions.

She thanked Adelaja for teaching her how to be a better human being and stated that she was still learning. She gave herself the moniker “D” and stated that everyone needed someone like him in their lives.

” #friendsforlife #love #vip #cherishthespecialones,” she concluded her caption. The actress expressed her affection for her purported boyfriend in another post dated June 24, 2015.

She thanked him for always being there for her and for supporting her. He was a “truth-teller” and a “kick up the posterior when I needed it,” she said.
She used the hashtags “#love #bestie” to end her captions once more. Overall, Lynch and Adelaja appear to enjoy and value each other’s presence in their lives.

Lynch last posted a picture of Adelaja on September 14, 2019. She kept quiet about her friendship or contact with Adelaja after that.

Who Is Lashana Lynch’s Rumored Boyfriend?

Adelaja, often known as D-Boy, is a Nigerian-born British actor who studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). In addition to acting, he also directs and produces films.
Fela / Sidy, D-first Boy’s film, received Best Short Film at the 23rd African, Asian, and Latin American Film Festival in Milan in 2013.

He’s also recognized for playing two childhood friends who fall in love in the controversial 2006 film Rag Tag. It was controversial since the primary characters were gay, but both actors were heterosexual.

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