Dj Raevas Obituary: Did He Commit Suicide? Death Cause & Family Details

This post will let you know about Dj Raeva’s death and obituary. Please also investigate the circumstances surrounding his demise. Dj Raevas was a Jamaican DJ who may have been more open about his personal life. Much of his personal history has yet to be revealed. People have been waiting to understand the cause for his death since his death became public knowledge.

Much of the information regarding Raevas has been hazy, so people are eager to learn more about it. Continue reading to learn about his death and public obituary, and this page will teach you all you need to know about Raevas.

Dj Raevas’s Death And Obituary: Did He Kill Himself?

No, he did not commit suicide; he was discovered dead on game day, December 26, 2022. His close buddy Veteran dancehall singer Bounty Killer verified the story by posting a screenshot to his Instagram page with the caption: “Kmt Jah knows star no mon dis cyaah be real.” People began to follow the story when the renowned artist shared it, and various sites publicized the death news. The cause of his death has not yet been revealed; he was discovered dead in his residence. Many web sources verified that he died in his sleep.

Dj Raevas

Bounty Killer and Raevas collaborated on the ‘Bounty Sunday Shift’ episode of his Sunday Party at Oneil’s Place series. According to the post-Bounty Killer posted, they had a close relationship, and he was saddened over his death news. His family, who went to check on him on Boxing Day, were the first to discover his death. After he was discovered deceased, the Boxing Day date and hour were sorted. Bounty Killer attended his funeral, and images of him were made public. His parents have requested seclusion and have not spoken about his death. We must respect the Raevas family’s privacy since it is difficult for them to cope with their loss. Many individuals expressed their condolences to his family and friends once the news was verified.

DJ Raevas’s Family

DJ Raevas kept his personal life secret, but much details about his family became public after his death. Although the Raevas family has not spoken with the media, the information has leaked. Following the death of the selector, his family has preserved their anonymity. Claudette Findley is the late DJ Raevas’ mother; she was shown in funeral photos with tears in her eyes. His funeral was held at Kencot Seventh-day Adventist Church, and his close friend and family attended.

Dj Raevas

Raevas was reared alongside his brother, Gary Findley, with whom he had a close bond. His sibling was seen at Adventist Church with his mother. It was devastating to see images of his burial; it had been over a month, and no cause for his death had been revealed. Hopefully, his family member will reveal the cause of Raevas’ death in public. Everyone expected his family to speak with the media after his death.

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