David Muir Wife: Is He Married? ABC News Anchor Wiki And Relationship

For many years, ABC News Anchor David Muir has been in the limelight. People are often interested in his personal life, particularly his married status. Muir, who was born on November 8, 1973, has been the anchor of ABC World News Tonight since 2014, as well as 20/20.

David Muir’s name has become associated with trustworthy news reporting due to his calm and authoritative delivery. The question that many people have is, “Is David Muir married?” This page digs into his personal life, profession, and earnings to provide you with all the information you need to know about him.

David Muir Is a Married Man

The key question, “Is David Muir married?” is simple to answer. David Muir is not married as of August 2023. Despite his celebrity, he keeps his personal life highly secret, never publicly confirming or rejecting any partnerships.

David Muir’s Age

David Muir was born on November 8, 1973, therefore he will be 50 years old in 2023.

David Muir

Relationship Situation

Muir has never been married, despite frequent speculation in the media. He has been connected to various women, although he is very private about his personal life.

David Muir Pet

Scout is David Muir’s golden retriever. His affection for his dog reveals his gentler side away from the camera.

Salary of David Muir in 2023

David Muir’s pay in 2023 was an astonishing $10 million, demonstrating his prominence in the journalism profession.

What is David Muir’s Net Worth?

Muir makes money via sponsorships and speaking engagements in addition to his pay. His net worth is believed to be $25 million.

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David Muir


Many people are interested in David Muir’s personal life, specifically the subject “Is David Muir married?” Despite his guarded demeanor, his professional achievements and services to the journalism sector demonstrate his skill and devotion. His projected net worth of $25 million, as well as his devotion for his dog Scout, complete the image of this well-known ABC News anchor.

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