David Christopher Opened Up About His Connection With Phoebe Davis On “Cosmic Love”

In the reality sphere, the format of dating programs has been very popular among viewers. Just when you think you’ve exhausted all possibilities, Amazon Prime Video’s Cosmic Love comes along with a whole new twist, utilizing astrology to discover the right companion. The sitcom stars four actors yearning for love: Noel Allen, Phoebe Davis, Maria Rodriguez, and Connor Shennan. David Christopher was one of just a few mates chosen for Phoebe. He is a Los Angeles native who runs his own streaming network, Fit TV Network. The celebrity is also a professional musician, fitness teacher, and MMA fighter.

David discusses his time on the program and his friendship with Phoebe Davis in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda. He described the concert as a “once in a lifetime event,” adding:

“I believe we naturally learn from experiences like that.”

David Christopher of Cosmic Love discusses the show, his relationship with Phoebe, and more.

The sanctuary was where viewers first saw David “matching with” Phoebe. The two briefly talked about their likes and dislikes before she mentioned that they were more of a friendship at the time, but she was optimistic about the future. David, on the other hand, indicated that this was not their first chat.

“Our first encounter was not in the sanctuary. We had clearly been living together at that point and had met before. We were all presented before any matches were declared, as you can see on the video. Unfortunately, the concert did not solidify the bond we had developed up to that moment.”

He went on to clarify Phoebe’s sentiments, saying that all the guys were considered friends since she hadn’t created a love relationship “yet.” David also said that he was “totally OK” when he heard it since he was still managing his emotions and building his own relationships in the home. The 34-year-old participant battled hard throughout the group date with fellow Cosmic Love cast members, revealing that it brought out his “competitive side.”

David Christopher

“I was looking forward to the group date. It was my first opportunity to really let go and be myself. I definitely have a fitness background and a competitive spirit, so taking part in the group date came quite easy to me.”

David and fellow cast member Phil stood out to viewers during the group date. When asked to elaborate on the date, the former stated:

“Phil and I had a fierce rivalry inside the home, so we were really talking a lot of trash to one other beforehand. It was all in good humor, but it certainly brought out my competitive side, primarily because I wanted to beat him and less so because I wanted Phoebe’s attention.”

“I felt out of place and a little uneasy,” says David Christopher of Cosmic Love.

David, on the other hand, was quickly dismissed from the program when Phoebe failed to make a connection with him. When questioned whether he was given an honest opportunity, the actor replied that the circumstances placed him in “an unpleasant situation,” leaving him feeling “as if [he] was in a cage.”

He went on:

“It seemed like a lot of us were pushed into the shadows and didn’t feel like we could completely be ourselves, but especially with my rebellious nature, I felt out of place and a little uneasy with a lot of what was going on around me.”

After seeing David assist Phoebe through all of her difficulties and tribulations, viewers quickly labeled him as one of their favorites. Fans were concerned about his lack of representation in the program. David concurred and remarked that there were a lot of dynamics about him that the audience didn’t get to observe. David had additional responsibilities than being the “House Therapist.”

“Phoebe and I had a couple of moments when she opened up to me as a friend and explained what she was going through on the program. That’s why she constantly says I “had her back” when she removes me.”

He went on:

“The interactions between the players were far more complex even outside of the “matches.” I certainly made a few of my own connections. Love triangles existed. There was a lot going on that you don’t notice when you watch the program.”

David Christopher

David remarked that his time on the reality program taught him a lot about astrology, among other things. He stated:

“First and foremost, I learned a lot about astrology. More than I could have imagined. Aside from that, I learned a lot about myself and how I function in that sort of environment. I learned a lot about what makes me feel comfortable vs uncomfortable, open versus closed off, and so on.”

The four major characters in Cosmic Love each symbolize one of the four astrological elements: fire, earth, air, and water. They are paired with potential partners depending on their zodiac signs. The set is a romantic getaway where matches and dates are made with the assistance of a magical adviser known as the “Astro Chamber.”

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