David Archuleta Attempted To Suppress His Sexuality By Marrying A Woman

Former American Idol candidate David Archuleta openly revealed his sexuality on June 12, 2021, in a long and emotional Instagram post, announcing he was a member of the LGBTQ community. He told his family he was homosexual in 2014, but subsequently learned he had emotions for both men and women, putting him on the bisexual spectrum. David also said that he did not “have as much sexual [desire] as normal people” since he was saving up for marriage.

He advised folks to be more supportive of people’s coming out experiences and embrace their identity as someone who battled to accept themselves as homosexual. “I just ask that you please consider finding space to be more understanding and compassionate to individuals who are LGBTQIA+, as well as those who are a member of that community and attempting to find that balance with their religion,” the singer added. He also said that accepting his identity had brought him serenity.

David Archuleta Tried to Hide His Sexuality

On June 11, 2022, Archuleta marked the year anniversary of his long speech by reflecting on his life before and after the declaration. According to his experiences, the 31-year-old was first terrified of his sexuality, but after coming out, he felt at ease, even if it meant dating. He further said that he did not want to come out during Pride Month in 2021, but that it came spontaneously. “It was simply the natural flow of events the days before coming to terms with myself and choosing to tell it out loud after breaking off an engagement I had with a wonderful and understanding lady only a few weeks earlier,” Archuleta claimed that his ex-fiancee was one of three women he considered marrying. He believed that having romantic relationships with women would help him forget about his inner torment.

David Archuleta

But when a friend gave him a tale of how much rage and loathing her husband felt because he was gay, he knew he was incorrect. The musician said that he had not been honest with the ladies he dated and did not have enough affection for them, and he apologized to all of them for making them feel inadequate.

David Archuleta’s Wife Qualifications

Archuleta took part in a Facebook event in 2014 when he addressed questions from followers before coming out as homosexual to the public. One of them asked him what he sought in a marriage, and Archuleta mentioned several characteristics.

David Archuleta

“Obviously, I’m not sure whether it’s corny, but someone has to adore the Lord.” It goes without saying that they must love the Lord more than they love me. Then they’ll know what their priorities are. And if they achieve that, we can set similar objectives in our family,” the singer said.

He was also looking for someone that was entertaining and confident, could carry themselves well, and could make him laugh. His future bride didn’t have to be a singer as long as she supported his musical profession.

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