Darryl Lynn Hughley Admits To Being Unfaithful To His Wife Several Times

He has been married to his wife LaDonna Hughley since 1986, thus for over three decades. Given this, it’s only logical to presume the pair has an unbreakable tie and is completely loyal to one another. Hughley has been unfaithful to his wife multiple times in their 35-year marriage. In recent years, the actor has acknowledged doing it and even apologized. Meanwhile, he is fortunate to have a wife who works hard to maintain their bond.

Darryl Lynn Hughley Admits Cheating on His Wife

“There are just three things you should do when you make a mistake: accept it, learn from it, and don’t repeat it,” said legendary coach Paul Bear Bryant. And it seems that Hughley has lived up to his own words. In May 2018, The D.L. Hughley Show host admits to being emotionally and spiritually abusive to his wife LaDonna during an interview with Oprah Winfrey Network.

“So I cheated. I’ve been difficult to deal with. and I’ve been cruel. I’ve sinned. And I haven’t been physically violent, but I have been emotionally and spiritually.”

Darryl Lynn Hughley

He also said that despite adoring and being in love with his wife, he had done things unworthy of that love. But he never pretended to have done anything wrong. He told his wife the truth, corrected her, and never repeated it.
“When people speak about marriage, I know they love her,” he said. And I know I love her. And I know I’ve done things unworthy of it. But I don’t deny they happened.”

D.L. Hughley Values His Wife

Undoubtedly, the couple has a tumultuous But lately, the radio presenter has been praising his wife. He admires his wife for keeping him sane and, most importantly, for maintaining their relationship for so long. In April 2019, Steve Harvey questioned the comic the secret to his long-lasting marriage. He said that marrying someone who understands you makes the marriage continue much longer. “The person who loves you and knows you understand the boundaries and knows who you are and are not,” he said.


The Hughleys Have 3 Kids

The comedian and his wife LaDonna have three kids: Ryan, Tyler, and Kyle. Ryan Hughley, 33, writes about cuisine and culture. She is also married and just had a baby daughter with Shepard. Kyle Aaris Hughley, 32, is an actor who was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome as a youngster. Despite this, he maintains an extremely rigorous routine.
Tyler Hughley, 29, came out as homosexual, and her family has been nothing but supportive.

Darryl Lynn Hughley

D.L. Hughley’s New Dramadey ‘Johnson’

on Bounce 8/7c, August 1, 2021. Executive Producers Cedric the Entertainer and Eric C. Rhone introduced the new genre of dramedy to audiences. The story follows four lifelong Atlantan friends. Their allure is the antithesis of Sex and the City. The program follows these guys as they navigate relationships, fears, and life in general, giving viewers a unique perspective on the world.

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