Daniella Monet Got Married To Her Long-Time Boyfriend Andrew Gardner

Daniella Monet, a Listen Up! celebrity, married Andrew Gardner on December 29. The couple got engaged around Christmas of 2017. The actress announced the news on social media with a series of photos from the events leading up to her wedding day.

One of the photos also showed the couple kissing, while another showed Andrew flashing off merely his ring to the camera. Andrew also revealed the news on his Instagram account with several black-and-white photos, one of which had him and Monet flashing their rings in front of the camera. In their captions, the pair scribbled the numbers 22, 29, and 12. On December 31, Daniella Monet posted a screen video to her Instagram Story in which she changed her husband’s contact name from ‘My Baby’ to ‘Husband.’

Daniella Monet

Daniella Monet and Andrew Gardner tied the knot in 2017.

Daniella Monet and Andrew Gardner married in 2017. In an interview with People, Monet said that they awoke on Christmas morning and while getting ready for the day, Andrew suggested that they take a family photo with their pets. Monet said that she planned to capture the whole scene, and while she was receiving her presents, Gardner blindfolded her and led her to their kitchen window. She said that she was unaware of anything and was perplexed. She continued, saying:

“I eventually saw a bow at the foot of the tree as I peered over. Then I saw ‘Marry Me’ etched into the tree, along with a heart with an arrow running through it. My pulse rate fell, my stomach sank, everything seemed numb, and I lost it. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

When she turned around, she saw Garner on one knee. He sobbed as he took her hand in his and asked her to marry him. Monet discovered that the whole engagement had been videotaped. The couple had been dating for six years after meeting via a mutual Facebook friend. They are expecting their first child in February 2021.

Daniella Monet

Andrew Gardner is best known as the inventor of the Gafton apparel line. He and Daniella co-host the podcast Adulting Like a Mother Father. Gardner has been regularly on Daniella Monet’s YouTube channel. He also has roughly 155,000 followers on Instagram, where he usually posts about spending time with Monet and their baby.

Daniella Monet is a well-known singer and actress.

Monet is well-known for her roles in series such as Listen Up!, Zoey 101, Victorious, Winx Club, and the Fred film trilogy. The 33-year-old has hosted series such as AwesomenessTV and Paradise Run. Her hits include Lookin’ Like Magic, I Want You Back, All I Want Is Everything, Leave It All To Shine, and others.

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