Dalton Richard Martinez- Meet Dave Martinez’s Son With Lisa Martinez

Dave Marinez played professional baseball in Major League Baseball (MLB). He is most known for being the manager of the Washington Nationals. Since 2018, he has been a member of the team. The manager formerly served as the coach of the Tampa Bay Rays and the Chicago Cubs.

Along with a thriving professional career, Dave and his wife, Lisa Martinez, have a great family. Many admirers must be interested in learning more about his wife and children. Let’s get to know Dave Martinez’s son, Dalton Richard Martinez, in today’s article.

Dalton Richard Martinez Is The Youngest Son

Dalton is the son of the Nationals’ general manager and his lovely wife. Lisa and Dave have been married for nearly 40 years. They first met in the mid-1980s, when the manager was the coach of the Chicago Cubs. After a few years, the couple had a lovely family of six children.

The couple has raised four biological children and a son, Mike Love, throughout their long marriage. David Joshua Martinez, Jagger Lee Martinez, Dalton Richard Martinez, and Angelica Kathleen Martinez are their children.

Dalton Richard, the manager’s youngest son, and his wife is one of them. Mike Love is one of his closest pals, and the two have been great buddies since middle school. Furthermore, Mike grew up in the Martinez family’s secure haven. He is now a defensive end for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League.

Dave Martinez’s Son Is A College Graduate

Dalton Richard Martinez attended Dunedin Academy in Dunedin, Florida, for his high school career. During his senior year of high school, the baseball manager’s son participated in sports. He was an All-County baseball player and an All-County soccer player.

Dalton enrolled to the College of Central Florida after graduating from high school in 2013. He studied criminal justice as a major. Furthermore, he continued his athletic career as a baseball player on his college’s baseball team during his undergraduate years.

Works As The Manager

Dave Martinez’s son went into a different industry after a successful college playing career. He is currently the manager of Tampa Bay Tint, a company that tints automobile windows. He also works at Westshore Honda, a used vehicle business, and the BiG (Best Insurance Group).

Dalton’s parents and family must have encouraged him to choose a different career path. During their college years, his siblings were also active in athletics. However, they later followed careers in different industries.

Meet Dalton Richard Martinez
Meet Dalton Richard Martinez

Is He A Devoted Father To His Daughter

The former collegiate baseball player is now an adult with a family of his own. Amora Grace Martinez is his lovely daughter. The identity of Dalton Richard Martinez’s baby mom, on the other hand, remains a secret. He appears to be guarding his baby mama’s privacy. Also, he is currently unmarried, according to his Facebook profile, so might he be co-parenting his child?
Amora Grace Martinez, Dave Martinez’s granddaughter, was born in the late 2010s. She is maturing nicely and appears to be relishing every moment of her youth.

Dave Martinez’s son has matured and appears to be happy in both his personal and professional life. He is also the delighted father of a beautiful little daughter whom he adores. In the days ahead, we wish Dalton Richard Martinez further success and wealth.

Name Meaning

The name Dalton is of English origin and means “Valley Settlement.” Richard, on the other hand, is a boy’s name of a German origin that means “powerful and hardy.” When Dalton Richard is combined, the result will be a powerful settlement in the valley.

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