Colleen Farrington- Know About Mother Of Diane Lane

Diane Lane’s mother is Colleen Farrington. Colleen Leigh Violet Farrington is her true name. She worked as a model, nightclub singer, and Playboy Playmate professionally. She was born in Lordsburg, New Mexico, in the United States. Her daughter is also a producer and actor.

Colleen’s ex-husband reclaimed custody of their child?

Colleen had a successful singing career and was named Playboy Playmate for the month of October in 1957. Colleen and her husband divorced when their daughter was only two weeks old. She then moved their child to New Mexico.

Burton Eugene Lane, Diane’s ex-husband who works as a cab driver and acting instructor, reclaimed custody of her daughter.

Her daughter received good support from her father in her acting aspirations, but they both had opposing views on the path of her acting career, as a result of which their daughter ran away from home when she was just 15 years old.

After that, she spent a week in Los Angeles before returning to New York. Her mother then abducted her and transported her to Georgia. Despite this, Colleen’s ex-husband initiated a court case and was granted full custody.

Colleen Farrington Daughter
Colleen Farrington Daughter


How many children does Colleen have?

Colleen is the mother of Diane Lane, a well-known actress. Diane is known for being a dynamic and unorthodox actress who has captured the hearts of the public with her exceptional performances.

Diane began acting at the age of six and made her film debut with “A Little Romance.” Diane has received multiple nominations for her parts as a result of her hard work and dedication, and she has been involved in a number of charity organizations, including Heifer International.

She earned her first award back in the year 1979, titled the Youth in Film Award for Best Juvenile Actress in a Motion film.

She also won the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress, the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress, and the Satellite Award for Best Actress in Motion Picture Drama, among other accolades.

Married twice

Diane has been married twice in the public eye. Christopher Lambert, an actor, was the first man with whom she exchanged vows.

She was seduced by Christopher while promoting “The Cotton Club.” It wasn’t love or passion, but something, according to the actress.

She desired an old-fashioned relationship. After giving birth to a daughter called Eleanor, they split up after four years together. Actor Josh Brolin afterward became the love of her life. Following a premiere party for “A Beautiful Mind,” the two began dating in 2002.

In 2004, they exchanged vows. Her husband was arrested on domestic violence charges a few months later. However, the couple then felt embarrassed that the matter had progressed so far, and they spent a decade together feeling timid before formally divorcing in 2013.

Diane on motherhood

Diane, an actress, has opened up on everything from breastfeeding to work-life balance. She emphasized that there is no rehearsal for parenthood, despite the fact that everyone around you will try to warn you.

You don’t believe it, but it’s real, and you should have paid attention. Sleep was something she remembered from her childhood, according to the actress.

Eleanor was also her grandmother’s name, which she explained sounded excellent in both English and French. Her partner also wanted to call her daughter “Bebe” since it seemed like a pinup name. She also talked about how difficult it was for her to return to work after giving birth to her baby.

Net worth

Colleen’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million as of March 2023.

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