Clay Jordan Passed Away At The Age Of 66

Season 5 runner-up on Survivor: Thailand Clay Jordan died at the age of 66. Shana Jordan, his daughter, announced the news on social media. She wrote on her and her brother’s behalf,

“My love of a father, Clay Brooks Jordan, went to paradise to meet Jesus and be reunited with his beautiful wife!” Andy and I are devastated, but we find solace in knowing they are reunited and he is no longer in misery. We adore you, Dad! You will always be my HERO!”

His funeral arrangements are yet unclear.

Clay Jordan’s death

Clay Jordan died on Thursday, according to his daughter, who verified the news on social media. His cause of death, however, has not been disclosed till now. Meanwhile, other stories claim that his death was caused by a brief illness. It is unclear whether he had any other health problems in the past.

Clay Jordan


Clay Jordan’s Career

Clay, who was born on December 30, 1955, was best known as a competitor on Survivor: Thailand. He rose to prominence after being strangled during a Reward Challenge by rival Sook Jai tribe member Robb Zbacnik. He fought till the last end with Brian Heidik, losing in a tight 4-3 vote. Born to a single mother, the Canyon, Texas native spent his boyhood camping and hunting near White Deer, Texas. He met his wife Linda when she was 13 and he was 14, and they began dating in junior high. Clay then enrolled at South Plains College and married Linda when he was 20.

Clay Jordan

Jordan owned the eatery and had previously worked as a cafeteria manager and printer. Golfing, video editing, production, and photography were among his interests.He lived in Monroe, Louisiana, with his wife and two children, Andrew and Shanda. He also belonged to the Crime Stoppers organization, the Louisiana Restaurant Association, and the Frenchman’s Bend Country Club.

Clay was chosen from 50,000 applications for Survivor: Thailand. Despite being one of the elder contenders, he finished second. In an interview with a news station, he described the encounter as “wild.”

“Who would have thought that someone like me would be running about on a Thai beach?” I consider myself really fortunate to have had the opportunity, and I would do it all over again!”

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