Clara Amfo Is Featured As A The Host Of “Written in the Stars”

Disney’s new dating show, Written in the Stars, will help individuals find love based on their stars. For around 30 days, the show will house 12 single individuals. It was characterized by Discovery+ UK as “Love Island meets Married At First Sight, but with horoscopes.” Clara Amfo, a BBC Radio 1 DJ, will host and present the program, which she feels will be the “ideal antidote” to contemporary dating. She also feels that people have lost patience when it comes to finding love, and she believes that the new dating program will assist individuals in discovering an intimate connection. Written in the Stars premieres on Discovery+ on November 27.

Clara Amfo, the presenter of Written in the Stars, has interviewed celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Sir Elton John.

Clara Amfo, the broadcaster of BBC Radio 1’s Future Sounds, will host Discovery+’s Written in the Stars. Her career is at its pinnacle, and she is poised to take it to the next level with her impending broadcast appearance. The acclaimed FutureSounds program, hosted by the award-winning broadcaster, podcaster, and television presenter, features music and rising artists. She has also interviewed well-known performers such as Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Sir Elton John, and Billie Eilish.

Amfo was born in Kingston and attended St Mary’s University College to study media arts as well as professional and creative writing. She began her career as a marketing intern at Kiss FM before becoming a weekend morning show presenter on BBC Radio 1Xtra. She took over as presenter of The Official Chart two years later.

Her radio hosting career has expanded, and she is now a member of the BAFTA presenting crew, which catches the red carpet live for numerous awards. The presenter of Written in the Stars was present at the premieres of many films, including Black Panther, The Lion King, and No Time to Die. She has already been in unscripted environments, having appeared on Strictly Come Dancing season 18 and as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Clara will now return to the unscripted space with three astrologers to assist 12 singles to find love using their stars.

Amfo discussed Written in the Stars with POPSUGAR, saying that the program puts a new spin on the classic formula depending on its stars.

She said, ”

“This is the dating show for me,” I thought. When the opportunity arose, I couldn’t say no. I believe in astrology; it’s become so engrained in our society.”

The host has a Gemini ascendant and a Pisces moon. Geminis are gregarious and communicative as a zodiac sign. They have a horrible reputation for being “two-faced,” according to the presenter since they enjoy people but also prefer their space. She feels that this program might be precise about what contemporary dating needs.

Clara Amfo

She stated:

“The greatest problem with contemporary dating, in my opinion, is that we’ve become a product. Everything is only a swipe or a click away when we purchase online. I’m not against dating apps. They’ve paired up a lot of my pals, but we’ve run out of patience when it comes to making an intimate connection.”

The program is slated to launch on Discovery+ shortly; keep tuned for more Written in the Stars news.

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