Chunji Of TEEN TOP Has Released The Tracklist For His First Solo Album “Too Late”

Chunji, a.k.a. Lee Chan-hee of the K-pop group TEEN TOP, announced the tracklist for his debut album, Too Late, which will be released on December 12, 2022. Sorry for the delay in parting the b-side tune Goodbye is included on the new album. According to the poster, Chunji penned the lyrics for both songs himself, which has enhanced fan enthusiasm and elevated anticipation for the release. Too Late will be the TEEN TOP vocalist’s first solo release after his debut with the group in 2010. It will be published on December 16, 2022, after a special pre-listening event on December 15, 2022, for select fans.

Chunji will make his debut with the winter heartache album “Too Late.”

According to TOP media (the singer’s agency), the album is present to people who will spend the winter alone since the two songs reflect the experience of loneliness. They said:

“Chunji will provide heartfelt vocals that will touch the hearts of individuals who will spend the chilly winter alone with his attractive voice, which will vary from the forceful vocals he shown during his TEEN TOP activities.”


On December 11, 2022, Chan-hee disclosed the theme of his album to be based on the “longing and emptiness” felt after a breakup through two handwritten letters posted on TEEN TOP’s social media. One message stated:

“When the chilly season arrived, I immediately thought of you.”

Another person read:

“The breakup is simple for you, but the words are tough for me.”

The concept photographs also hint at the album’s atmosphere, as they depict the 29-year-old staring into space while reminiscing about his prior relationship. The scenery and attire give a pleasant and friendly sense, hinting to the general mood of the album’s tracks.


Fans respond to Chunji’s solo debut as “aging like good wine.”

Angels (the group’s official fans) rejoiced when Chunji announced his debut as a solo artist. Fans had hoped for his comeback for a long time since he was one of the last TEEN TOP members to go solo and had been on an extended sabbatical owing to his military service.

“It’s finally happening,” one admirer remarked, while another added, “I waited for years for him to have a solo.” They praised the singer’s images in the concept photographs, which have remained consistent despite his presence in the business for over a decade. One admirer said that he had matured “like great wine.”

Others, meantime, praised the album’s tracks, which were composed by the brilliant vocalist himself. Chan-hee was the last member to join C.A.P, Niel, Ricky, Changjo, and former member L.Joe in forming TEEN TOP in 2010. In 2017, he collaborated with G-Eunha Friend on the romantic tune Hold Your Hand.

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