Christine Embiid- All About The Mother Of Joel Embiid

Christine Embiid is well-known for being the mother of NBA player Joel Embiid. He has been a member of the Philadelphia 76ers since being picked third overall in 2014. Christine is originally from Cameroon and works as a housewife.

Quick Facts

Full Name Christine Embiid
First Name Christine
Last Name Embiid
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality Cameroonian
Birth Country Cameroon
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Thomas Embiid
No Of Children 3

Married to a military person

Christine is married to a military officer, Thomas Embiid. Thomas used to play handball. He was very concerned about his family’s food and living conditions. Even though they were not wealthy, they supplied their children with all they needed. The couple is still in love and celebrating their son’s accomplishment. Initially, Joel’s parents wanted him to become a doctor and were uninterested in the NBA.

One of her children was killed in an accident.

Christine raised three children: two boys, Joel and Arthur, and a daughter, Muriel. Her three children were all reared in Yaounde, Cameroon. The family was devastated by the loss of his younger son Arthur on October 17, 2014. He was involved in a serious accident. He was just 13 years old when he was struck by a vehicle in Cameroon. Arthur was always his mother’s favorite, according to Joel.

Christine Embiid

The impact of Arthur’s death

The anguish of a mother who has lost her child is indescribable. Christine has been coping with Arthur’s loss from the day he died, and it has been difficult for her to process to this day and continues to affect her. It was difficult for everyone in the family. Joel considered quitting basketball since his younger brother’s death had wounded him. He was in America and hadn’t seen his younger brother in four years.

In Arthur’s honor, the Arthur Embiid & Angels Foundation in Cameroon helps impoverished children. Joel named his kid in honor of his late brother. Arthur Elijah De Paula Embiid is his son.

How Joel became an NBA superstar

Joel was originally strong at volleyball and aspired to play in Europe, despite being born in Cameroon, where basketball had little exposure and media attention. He didn’t play basketball until his eyes were drawn to Kobe Bryant in the NBA Finals versus the Celtics, where he found inspiration. Joel did not have the courage to attend a camp sponsored by Cameroon-born NBA star Luc Mbah a Moute since he was unfamiliar with basketball regulations, but his volleyball coach encouraged him to register.

He distinguished out and was eventually asked to participate in Basketball Without Borders (BWB). His father initially wanted him to pursue a volleyball career in Europe, but he was eventually persuaded and granted permission to join at Montverde Academy in Florida. With constant practice, his talent increased dramatically, and the rest is history.

Joel is happily married to his model girlfriend.

Joel is in a love relationship with his girlfriend, model Anne De Paula, whom he met at a New York City dinner in 2018 via a mutual acquaintance. They began their connection as pals. Joel and his girlfriend had several things in common that kept them together. They had to deal with time every day, and their friendship grew into love.

Christine Embiid

Net Worth

As a mother, she had an impact on her son’s NBA career and is proud of his accomplishments. His never-say-die mentality has gotten him to where he is now. He has accumulated a substantial net worth of:

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