Chrisean Rock’s Missing Tooth: What Really Happened

Chrisean Rock rose to prominence after appearing in Blueface’s reality program “Blue Girls Club.” For a long period, she was known as Blueface’s girlfriend. She began her career as a singer, and several of her music videos featured her missing a tooth. As a result, numerous concerns have been raised about her tooth and what happened to her. The question is still being asked in public, so let’s find out why.

She lost a tooth in a fight before beginning her career as a musician

She lost a tooth in a fight before beginning her career as a musician. As a result, she ignored it for a long period, and she was shown in a music video without a front tooth. Chrisean said that she got into an argument with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child. Rock had a blue ink tattoo of Blueface on her face; she scribbled his actual name, which was suspicious; and they were advised not to be seen together in public. When his ex-girlfriend discovered she had a tattoo of his name, they fought, and Rock smashed her head on the ground, losing a front tooth.

chrisean rock


After the battle, rapper Blueface handed her money to repair her teeth, but Rock had an ego and refused to heal her tooth. For a while, she was proud; she didn’t repair her tooth and made a music video with a gap in her teeth. People began to notice her lack of a tooth as she came to public attention; she was trolled and received harsh remarks about her tooth. She eventually opted to get a tooth repaired, and she looked different with and without a tooth. So, she was somewhat different before stardom; she is now completely different from when she recorded her first rap.

How Chrisean Rock lost her front tooth in a fight with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend

Chrisean replaced missing teeth following a quarrel with his boyfriend’s ex; she had lost her tooth for a long time and had opted not to restore it for a long time. But when people began questioning her about her missing teeth and she became a troll, she chose to get her tooth repaired. She had a new tooth inserted in her gums with Blueface’s face on it; on July 9, 2022, she released a video on Instagram about mending her teeth.

A New Look: Chrisean Rock’s transformation after getting her tooth repaired

So far this year, she has just corrected her teeth; she has not done anything to her face. People have seen a change in her, and they believe she has done something to her face. But, regrettably, she hasn’t done anything to her face till now; she hasn’t had any surgery to change the way it looks. She also said that she is pleased with the likeness of Blueface she created on her teeth; it is beautiful.

chrisean rock

Chrisean Rock’s net worth

According to Sources, the net worth of a singer and social media figure in the current year is $2 million. Chrisean’s principal source of income is her job as a musician; she has recorded a wide range of well-known compositions. She may also have additional sources, such as business and investments, that she has not publicly disclosed. There hasn’t been much information regarding her earnings; she has yet to reveal them to the public.

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