Chris Sharma Will Join The Cast Of “The Climb” As A Host

The Climb, an all-new reality TV series from HBO Max, will air its first three episodes on January 12, 2023. The new show is based on a rock climbing competition devised by award-winning actor Jason Mamoa and famed rock climber Chris Sharma. The Climb will expose viewers to amateur rock climbers who will face numerous mental and physical obstacles in order to reach the finish line and win the big cash prize. Jason Mamoa developed the HBO Max series via his own production firm, On The Roam.

According to the press release, the official synopsis for The Climb is as follows:

“THE CLIMB is a visually striking and life-changing trip that symbolizes the fundamentals of rock climbing and human spirit discovery.”

It goes on to say that in the competition, amateur climbers must face a number of mental and physical hurdles. It goes on to say that they must use some of the world’s most terrifying ascents to:

“A prAna-sponsored climbing ambassadorship and a $100,000 cash prize will be awarded to the world’s greatest amateur climber.”

With the series slated to broadcast in the near future, here’s all you need to know about famous rock climber Chris Omprakash Sharma.

Chris Sharma of The Climb is a professional American athlete from Santa Cruz, California.

Chris Omprakash Sharma, a professional rock climber, has been married to Jimena Alercon since 2015. On his website, the 41-year-old rock climber talks about his “preternatural climbing skill” and how it distinguishes him from other climbers. According to his website, this is what has earned him the distinction of being one of the finest rock climbers in the world.

Chris Sharma

Sharma is a professional athlete, ambassador, and entrepreneur from Santa Cruz, California, according to the article. According to the website, Chris has

“gone on a two-decade-long globe trip in quest of the planet’s most challenging and beautiful rock climbs.”

Following that, the website states that Chris has spent many years of his life attempting to climb “unique, artistic, and apparently difficult routes.” According to the website, Chris has a modest, contemplative attitude as well as a forceful dynamic style of movement. According to his website, Sharma has made significant contributions to the sport, including climbing the first 5.15a and 5.15b routes. He also established the 5.15c grade.

Sharma “popularized many “genres of climbing,” including bouldering, sport climbing, and “psicobloc” (aka deep-water soloing),” according to the website. Chris’ first ascent took place in 2001. In terms of social media, The Climb star has over 568k followers on Instagram, where he shares about his trips as well as videos and photos of his loved ones.

Chris Sharma


Chris was born in 1981 and reared in Santa Cruz, California. Biographie was the TV personality’s first big break. He titled it Realization, and this is what made him renowned in the world of rock climbing. Chris started climbing when he was 11 years old when his mother introduced him to his local climbing club. He began climbing professionally at the age of sixteen.

Chris Sharma informs the competitors in a teaser,

“We’re going to keep you on your toes. There was no joke intended. When you push your limitations, you almost always fail. But it does happen every now and again. That is where the magic takes place.”

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