Chris Rose A Maine Journalist Passed Away At The Age Of 63

Chris Rose, a seasoned television journalist, died on Wednesday, January 12, of cardiac arrest at the age of 63. Chris worked at News Center Maine for almost thirty years and acquired a reputation for dedication and dependability. The Portland TV station reported the journalist’s death on its website on Thursday afternoon. According to the announcement:

“It is with sorrowful hearts that we announce the death of esteemed Maine journalist Chris Rose, who died Wednesday as a result of a cardiac episode.”

Chris Rose covered a number of high-profile incidents, including the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and the sinking of the El Faro in 2015. He also covered national stories affecting Maine residents. Chris Rose has covered featured topics such as Hollywood star Robin Williams, who once traveled to Maine to film a movie. Chris is survived by his two kids, Miranda and Duffy, according to News Center Maine.

Chris’ coworkers and other TV station employees hailed him as an unflappable and dependable journalist who could create accurate and engaging reports under duress and under tight constraints. Pat Callaghan, a veteran WCSH anchor, and Chris’ former colleague said in 2018 in response to Chris’ departure:

“No one has ever been more dependable. You could always count on him to meet deadlines, to provide accurate, fascinating, and full stories, and never waste words. That was most likely his producer training at work.”

Callaghan will leave News Center Maine in December of 2022.

Chris Rose’s career as a journalist throughout the years

Chris Rose began his television news career at WSMW-TV in Worcester, Massachusetts. He was a writer and producer for WBZ-TV in Boston. He eventually joined News Center Maine, where he worked for more than three decades. Chris started working as a broadcast producer for WCSH in 1986. He subsequently followed his calling and started working in front of cameras as a news reporter. Chris, according to his coworkers, gave each tale his all, no matter how serious, engaging, or substantial the topic was.

Chris Rose

Chris’ hard work and devotion were recognized when he was elected into the Maine Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2017. Pat Callaghan said in 2018 that if the News Center ever handed an MVP award to a reporter, Chris would be considered every year. After leaving News Center Maine, the seasoned journalist worked as a public relations consultant at the University of New England in Australia.

Many individuals who knew the journalist and followed his reports expressed their grief on Twitter. Shannon Moss, a spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety and Chris’ coworker for seven years, voiced her astonishment when she heard of his death. She stated:

“Chris was more on the quiet side but he had a terrific sense of humor, and a lovely grin and he truly enjoyed being a parent to his two children. And, although many of us have gone on from News Center Maine, we still consider ourselves a family, and this loss is very painful.”

Sarah Delage, Chris’ coworker at News Center Maine for five years and now UNE’s director of public relations and communications stated:

“With his decades of narrative expertise, understanding of the Maine media scene, and generally calm and steady manner, he was a delight to work with. “He was appreciated and respected by our whole communications and marketing staff.”

Chris Rose

She went on to say that Chris had a calm, steady demeanor that helped him in public relations and in the press. Delage noted that the late journalist has the capacity to put people at ease, allowing them to relate their tales without feeling apprehensive, worried, or uncomfortable. Chris Rose’s death was described as “heartbreaking” by Ellen Beaulieu, UNE’s vice president of strategy and communications. She noted in a statement to the UNE community that Chris was a known face and that his presence on television throughout the state was dependable.

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