Chris Owens Passed Away At The Age Of 89

Chris Owens died recently on April 5, 2022. The death of the Bourbon Street entertainer comes only weeks before her annual Easter Parade through the French Quarter. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell delivered the following statement:

“Today, we grieve the loss of Chris Owens, one of the French Quarter’s brightest lights.” Ms. Owens, the ultimate performer and owner of her own Bourbon Street nightclub, was personable, attractive, and famous. The news is even more heartbreaking since we are just a few weeks away from the Easter Parade, which has become her most spectacular stage. May she rest in the full serenity of God.”

Chris Owens’ age and professional career

Owens was 89 years old when he died. She died of a heart attack at her St. Louis Street apartment on Tuesday morning. Kitsy Adams, her longtime manager, verified the news. It is unclear whether she had any additional health difficulties in the past, and no other information about her funeral has been released.

Chris Owens

From the early 1960s through the early 21st century, Owens was a French Quarter institution and star. She was well-known in Louisiana and across the South. Tourists on Bourbon Street adored her enormous posters of people dressed up as they strolled past her nightclub. The businesswoman was generally regarded as the Queen of the Vieux Carre. She was born on October 5, 1932, to Fred Moore Shaw Sr. and Thelma Leona Martin. She grew up on a farm and attended Texas Wesleyan College to pursue a career as a nurse. In 1956, Owens married automobile salesman Sol R. Owens and launched a nightclub on St. Louis Street in the French Quarter. It was supposed to be a low-key sideline company, but it blew out.

When Chris and Sol R. Owens sold their home in 1977 and purchased the building at the intersection of St. Louis and Bourbon, they understood that the former’s performance statistics were a huge appeal. Chris Owens Review ultimately rose to prominence in the community. Sol died of a heart attack in 1979, shortly after Owens took over the operation of the club, which included 30 apartments and four stores. She organized an annual Easter Parade that still rolls through the French Quarter. Owens made his cinematic debut in 1962 with The Wacky World of Doctor Morgus. In 2003, she began filming her debut feature film, Let’s Ballroom, in which she portrayed a rich widow who falls in love with her dancing teacher.

Chris Owens

Twitter is filled with tributes.

Chris Owens rose to prominence as a performer and entertainer throughout the years. When the public and prominent people learned of her death, they paid respect to her on Twitter:

To date, no survivors of Owens have been identified. She was married to Sol R. Owens, but the couple had no children.

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