Chris Distefano Congratulate LGBT Communities When The Supreme Court Legalized Gay Marriage

Chris, born on August 26, 1894, was always funny. His humor is smart and upbeat. He avoids political controversy. On Twitter, he supports the LGBTQ+ community. In June 2015, he tweeted his LGBT pals after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. Author: “My LGBT friends, congrats on today’s news! Don’t speak about my a** until you’re ready to propose.”

Chris Distefano is a comedian who gained recognition on Guy Code and Girl Code. He co-hosted Ultimate Beastmaster and The Bracket. In addition, he had a weekly interstitial series on Comedy Central called Stupid Questions with Chris Distefano (2018). Chris is a family guy with a loving wife and kid. But only after many failed relationships. Learn about the comedian’s personal life, including his marriage, baby announcements, and prior girlfriends.

Chris Distefano

New baby expected

Yes! The Distefanos are expecting. Jazzy’s Instagram shows that the pair are delighted with their second kid. Jazzy posted on Instagram on January 20, 2021, about how great motherhood was. “MAMA welcomes it all with love as the driving force,” she wrote. Motherhood is the toughest and most rewarding profession, she said. The soon-to-be mother of two uploaded baby bulge photos with her husband Chris on April 1, 2021. The baby is due in May or June 2021.

Five-year marriage to Jazzy

Chris married Zumba teacher Jazzy Distefano in February 2015. Jazzy was pregnant with his first kid the year they were married. Delilah Distefano was born in May 2015. Chris went to Instagram in December to thank his wife and daughter for changing his life.

Chris Distefano


He posted a photo of his wife and daughter and said, “These two girls changed my life.” 2015 was my greatest year.
“Thanks @ jajajazzy 7 for Delilah!” The comedian continued, “I’ll adore you both forever.” Jazzy confirmed on Instagram in 2021 that she had two children. They never disclosed having a second kid. The couple may have two children, but they only discussed Delilah. Jazzy may have a kid from a [undisclosed] prior relationship. In her post announcing two children, she added, “My first 2 babies I hardly exercised. I’ve been exercising and teaching courses throughout my pregnancy and feel great.”

Chris and his ex-girlfriend dated for four years.

Chris dated Carly Aquilino in 2010. They spent time together. After moving in together in 2013, they released a hilarious video about not becoming pregnant. Their four-year relationship ended in 2014. Fans were startled by the separation since he and his then-girlfriend shared many private moments online.

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